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Rest Area Quickie

Recently was driving home on the freeway around 1a.m. and stopped at rest area for some quick cruising. Wearing my running pants with no underwear and a cockring on, My cock was very well accented and noticeable to all who care to see it. There were only two cars parked in the rest area and about 15 truckers overnighting. I went into the rest room and there was no one there so I decided, to hell with it, go home and j/o. As I was leaving, a college looking guy came in and went immediately to the last stall, closed door and pulled his sweats down. I proceeded to the stall next to his and did the same. I looked under the stall wall and his hand was motioning me, as my 9.5x6 cock started growing. I bent over and could see him stroking his cock. Not fully erect yet, it was about 7 inches and growing. After seeing me looking up at him, he stands up and opens his stall door. I do the same, and he immediately gets on his knees and starts sucking my cock to full erection. He then gets up and bends over and continues to suck, I pull up his shirt and start fingering his ass as he sucks me. He’s now moaning and backing into my finger as he sucks me and asked, if I had somewhere to go. I told him “not really.” He then moves over to the sink and bends over it and says, you want to fuck me? With only his spit from him sucking me, no lube, I move in behind him and he spreads his ass checks with one hand and grabs my cock and literally backs up on it, engulfing it in one thrust. He returns both hands to the sink and I start to rock in rhythm fucking him hard and deep as he looks in the mirror. My balls were loose and slapping up against his ass, his ass literally talking and making sounds with every thrust into it. This continued for about 10 minutes and I felt that we would not be in the rest room alone too much longer (although it was about 1:20 am now) so I build up my spunk and volleyed 5 days of cum into his ass deep. He felt it going in as he moaned, yeah, give me that load... As the last drops came out, he pulled off my cock, turned around and saw some cum had leaked out on the floor and bent over, fingered it up and first licked it off his fingers. Then he fingered more up and stuck his fingers back into his ass w/ my cumload on them. I pull up my pants as he returned to the last stall, door unlocked and sat on the toilet fingering his ass. Waiting for the next hard cock to continue fucking his ass and he eating cum. Just a quick late night, no-name fuck. The best.

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