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Rest Area Hard Fuck

Nothing better than an unexpected Hard Fuck

I was headed to L.A. from Miami. That’s a long trip friends. I had a load of pallets and it wasn’t a hot load by all means, so I took my time running I-10 from Florida to California. I got out of Miami late, and by the time I was in Alabama, it was time to lay my head down. I pulled into the rest area and by this time, the sun had been up for a while. Most trukers that laid over that night, had already gone. I pulled in, caught up my log book and started taking my clothes off to lay down. I noticed a guy standing near the phones, not far from me, grabbing his crotch and licking his lips. Kinda odd to see a cruiser out in middle of the day like this. In my underwear, I sat down in the front seat and watched him. He kept looking my way, running his hand up and down his leg as if he were massageing his cock. I pulled off my underwear and pulled on a pair of cut off shorts and slipped my thongs on. I got out of the truck and walked to the back, I stood and walked over to the wooded area. He followed me. We got just inside the bushes and I dropped my shorts. My hard cock bounced up and down, he pulled his cock out, pulled on it and gave me one hell of a blow job. I shot cum all over his face as I jacked off to completion. I squatted down and sucked his man meat. Pretty quick, he shot his man load in my mouth. He zipped up and walked on out of the woods. I pulled up my shorts and went back to the truck. I slept there about six or so hours. I got up, got coffee and headed on west. I kept my foot in it until I got to Texas. I pulled into the first big truck stop to fuel and lay over for the night. I showered, ate and hit the bunk. I was one wore out bitch. I got up before evening and made my way into Houston, I pulled into the last rest area before you get into the inner city. I have had some good times in this pickle park and the one on the east bound side. I pulled in and had to go piss and streatch my legs. I walked in and at the last stall stood a tall skinny guy. He was wearing some runners shorts and tank top. He had some what a hariy chest, but he was acting as if he were jacking off in his stall. The stall walls are only waiste tall. I went to the stall next to him. As I pissed I looked over to see a nice thick cock in the guy’s hand. ‘You see something you like?’ He ask me. ‘Sure, you play around?’ I ask. We went out to my rig. It didn’t take us long to be naked and in the sleeper. His cock was thick and hard as hell. He had a moderately hairy body, in nice shape, and those balls, man oh man. As we were in the sixty-nine position in my bunk, he worked over my cock and finger played my ass hole. I sucked his cock and lapped at his balls. I took his thick shaft deep in my throat. I could taste his man scent on his nuts. He kept fingering my ass and really turning me on. His huge cock was really filling my mouth, he pulled out and leaned me over on to my stomach. I spread my legs and let him lick my ass hole. He got on top of me and forced his cock head into my wet ass. His thick, long cock entered my hole and stretched it as far as it could. It worked on up into my guy and I could feel his cock head on the inside of me. He worked his huge cock slow, in and out. My cock was stiff as a board underneath my stomach. He started fucking me faster and faster. I could feel him deep inside of me. It felt so fucking good. He pulled his huge cock out of my ass and turned me over. He pushed his long, long shaft back deep into my bowels. I watched as that long shaft went inside of my rectum. He went all the way end and his balls lightly slapped on my back side. He didn’t pull all the way out, but pulled enough out to massage the underneath of his cock and the top side of my prostate. He was not just making love to my ass he was fucking the hell out of me. I was about to cum when he started pumping faster and deeper. I jacked my cock as hard as I could, my cum started boiling in my balls. I could feel them gearing up with pressure and his hard cock shaft was squeezing my prostate gland to the point I was gonna explode. He drove his huge cock deep inside of me for the last time and dumped his hot jism load deep inside of me. I started cuming and couldn’t stop. I dumped weeks worth of cum all over the both of us. That was one of the hardest fucks I have ever had. Now, I prefer them! Running the roads for me is a way of life. The Pickle Parks are a way of sex for me. You hawks and cruisers, keep up the good work, keep looking, we’re here, cum and get us! Terry J., Pacific Eastern Transport

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