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Redneck in the Woods

I guess if I had to admit, I’m more bi than I am gay. I have a few buddies that like to play around, but most of them are married, so I guess they are bi too. My girlfriend hates to give blow jobs, and she can be a dead fuck as far as girls go. I’ve been foolin around with guys since I started jerking off. My cousin and I always played with each other. We’d jerk off in the woods, sometimes play around when he spent the night over. He moved away about the time we got into high school and married shortly after he graduated. Not me, I’d fuck anyone who wanted to get off. I love to have a fag suck my hard cock and watch them choke when I shoot my heavy load down their mouths. One night, on a double date with a buddy of mine, we got some what drunk and pissed our girlfriends off. We took them home and bought more beer. We headed out to a nearby river, sat on the tail gate, drank beer and had a good time. Terry got up to take a piss and said, ‘Man, I was sure hoping to get some pussy, my dick is rock hard.’ At that time he spun around with his huge member in his hand. ‘I could almost jerk off right now.’ I stood up and pulled my dick out. ‘Bet I can cum more than you,’ I told him. We stood behind my pick up, both jerking on our hard cocks. ‘You ever suck a dick Terry?’ I ask. ‘Naw man, I’m no queer.’ He snapped back. ‘You don’t have to be queer to suck a guy off. It’s just a dick, besides, it’s like sucking your thumb. Here, suck on mine, I’ll suck you back.’ I told him. In a slight drunken haze, he leaned over and took my hard cock in him mouth. From that day forward, he was hooked. He sucked my cock like champ. ‘I’m gonna cum, keep sucking, it won’t hurt you.’ I warned. Spasms went up and down my cock as I shot my cum in his hot wet mouth. Terry coughed and choked a little, chased my cum down with some beer and said, ‘damn, not too bad. You wanna suck me?’ I reached over and grabbed his cock, stroked it a few times and before I could lean over he started cuming. ‘Damn, hair trigger, huh?’ We both laughed and drank more beer. Two nights later we were in the local pool hall, drinking beer and fucking around. Terry walked up and ask me if I wanted to get some more beer and head to the river. I knew what this cock sucker had on his mind. ‘Yeah, just you and me?’ I ask. ‘Yeah, got a hard on, your turn to suck me off.’ He insisted. We grabbed a few six packs and headed on down to the river. In no time, Terry and I both were butt naked playing with each other. He had the taste of cum on his mind. The night was bright from the moon, several guys were parked further down, drinking beer and having a good time. Terry was squatted down in front of me sucking my cock when a guy walked up from behind. We had a good buzz going, so nothing bothered us. ‘Hey, you guys want a third?’ He said in a gayish voice. Terry stood up and barked, ‘yeah, faggot, suck us both.’ We stood by each other, cocks sticking straight out, with us grabbing our balls. The guy got down in front of us and took each cock in his hands. He would suck on one, then the other. Cum dribbled out the head of my cock I was so worked up. Terry moaned, ‘yeah, I’m gonna cum, keep sucking! Ahhhh, ahhhhh!’ Terry grabbed the back of the fags head and fucked his face hard as he shot his cum in the guy’s mouth. The guy choked a couple of times before Terry let go of his head. Then the guy took my cock and worked it over. In no time I was shooting my cum in his mouth too. The guy sat back as we stood there catching out breaths. We sat back on the tail gate and opened another beer. ‘You want a beer?’ I ask our new found cock sucker. ‘Yeah, you guys cum again?’ He ask. ‘Sure, give us a minute to catch our breaths.’ I replied. The guy sat on the tail gate as we sat there naked. The guy kept looking at our cocks as we sat and talked. ‘You guys fuck?’ He ask. ‘Fuck what? Girls? Or Guys?’ Terry ask. ‘Guys!’ The guy replied. ‘Never done that, you lookin to get fucked? Might be fun.’ I said. Terry and I both were rock hard. The guy got up and took his shorts off and turned around and said, ‘I’ve got a tighter ass than any pussy you’ve had.’ His smooth ass stood before us. ‘I need my cock wet first, Terry, suck me up buddy, make my cock real wet so I can fuck this faggot.’ Terry leaned over and took my long hard cock in his mouth. The guy took Terry’s cock in his mouth and started sucking. I was just about ready to fuck my first guy. I was so fucking horny. The guy leaned over the open tailgate. He reached around and spread his smooth cheeks. I leaned over and spit on his hole. I took my wet cock and forced it up the guy’s ass hole. It was hot! His tight ass hole grabbed my cock. It was so fucking tight I was ready to dump my load. I pulled him away from the pick up, Terry stood in front of him so he could get his cock sucked while I fucked him. It was one hot scene. The guy moaned in-between chokes with Terry’s cock. With my hands on the guy’s hips, I fucked the hell out of his hot ass. He was lovin it too. His cock was hard between his legs. I would reach around and jerk on it a time or two. My balls were so fucking tight and ready to explode. I was really getting turned on fucking his hot hole. Terry was about to cum when he said with a short breath, ‘let me have some of his tail.’ I slowly pulled my wet cock out of the guy’s ass. Terry walked around with his long stiff rod in hand. He worked the head up the guys fucked ass and took over. I stood and watched him as he fucked the guy leaning over the tail gate. Terry pulled out and instructed the guy to lay on his back. The guy did as he said. He lay back and pulled his legs apart. His fucked hole was looking up at us. Terry drove his cock back into the guy’s ass. He leaned over and plowed the guy’s ass like he does his girlfriend pussy. I’ve seen Terry in action with his girlfriend, he has never fucked this hard with her before. He pulled out and told me to take over. I stood up to the tailgate and shoved my rock hard cock back in the guy’s well fucked hole. I leaned over while fucking the guy and said to his face, ‘I’m going to leave a load of cum in you to flood your guts.’ Before I could get it all out I was flooding the guy’s ass with my jism. He was jerking on his cock while I dumped my baby juice in his ass. When I was done, I pulled out and Terry took over once more. I watched Terry’s balls slap the guy’s back side as he fucked the living shit out of him. I could see my own cum around Terry’s cock as he fucked his hole. Terry threw his head back as he shot his wad up the guy’s hole. At the same time the guy started cuming as well. His cum shot out so fucking far, it hit himself in his face, Terry in the face, and up over his head to the back window of my pick up. All three of us sat and drank beer for another couple of hours. We watched our own cum drain out of the guy’s ass as we sat there and talked about what had happen. We took a late night swim in the river to clean up and get one more blow job. We still have our fun down by the river every fucking chance we get. Terry has become a great cock sucker. He’s gotten plenty of my loads. What a buddy.

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