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Real Sleeper Sex

I’m a bi guy, I work for one of the larger trucking companies and get home time about three days out of three weeks. I make pretty good money, I love the road and I’ve driven trucks all the way from oil field to local delivery and now coast to coast for ten years now. I enjoyed the local shit but when the oil field boom in my area went south, I damn near lost every fucking thing I had. So, I went to local delivery. I worked for a prominent potato chip company, you all have eaten these chips, (trust me, if you knew how they made them, you would make your own or quit eating them all together) and got tired of putting up with ignorant retards that thought you were beneath them because they had the little bit of power in their job to make you wait, count all the bags or what ever they wanted you to do. Assholes in my book. Now days, seems like no one wants to work with you, they have a shit hole of a job and they want you to suffer ‘just like they are!’ Any way, I took to over the road. I have read about road sex, cruisy areas and such, but never thought I would get a chance at having fun on the road right here behind the driver’s seat in my sleeper. To cut to the chase, here is a little of what I really enjoy experiencing on the road besides a hefty pay check.

After a week’s worth of orientation, I was assigned a tractor and my first load was preloaded and on the yard in Dallas, Texas. I was to run this load to Winchester, VA. and had a couple of days for the trip. I was rested up and ready to roll. I took off out of Dallas and made my way across Louisianan into Mississippi where I had to fuel and take a break. I was extremely horny and I’m really not into lot lizards, those skanky girls have more fucking diseases than a fucking rabid bat, so, I was up to some one on one cock sucking or any kind of man play I could come across. After fueling I pulled into a Mississippi rest area to take a couple hour nap. While catching up with my log book, the lights from the parking lot lit up a hell of a glare on my windshield. I noticed a younger guy standing at the phone booths talking on the phone. As I looked up I noticed he was grabbing his crotch, and just shy of pulling his cock out of his sweat pants, I could see a nice long hard cock hanging down the leg. As I tried to concentrate on my log book, my cock was swelling in my own pants. Each time I looked up he was rubbing his cock and kinda playing with it pretending to be on the phone. I turned off my cab light and devoted my time watching him play with his cock. By impulse, I flashed my clearance lights to get his attention. I wanted to see what was inside those pants, bad. Right away, he hung up the phone and came right over to my truck. My window was down, he walked up and ask if I had the time. ‘I got all the time in the world,’ was my reply. He came around to the passenger side, got inside the truck and ask if I liked getting off with guys. Without a word I opened the sleeper curtains and went to the back, shucked my pants and pulled my shirt off. He followed, dropped his sweat pants, pulled his sweat shirt off and crawled between my legs. My cock was as hard as his. I’m uncut so he grabbed my hard cock, pulled the skin back and started working on my shaft. It didn’t take me long at all before I was shooting my load all over the both of us. Now, it was my turn. His young cock was about as hard as I’ve seen in a long, long time. He lay back with his legs bent, tennis shoes still on and I worked over his cock. I toyed with his ass hole and made him cum in no time. With both blow jobs out of the way, he went back down on my cock. We got into the 69 position and sucked each other hard again. I’m not much into anal sex, but his hairy hole was so fucking inviting. He turned over on his back and pulled his legs back. All I could see was his hot hole and the bottom of his shoes. I forced my wet cock into his hairy hole. He and I both gasp at the tight entrance of my cock into his ass. He was so turned on his ass was wet and slick. I had no problem fucking this young guys ass. As I fucked him he jacked on his cock. About the time I pulled out and jacked my meat, we both came together shooting wads and wads of cum all over his stomach and chest. One stream of cum out of my hard cock shot right up to his face and he caught some of it with his mouth. I sat back on my knees, we both caught our breath. He got up, we kissed, he pulled on his sweat clothes and disappeared out the passenger door. It was all over, as fast as it started, ‘that’s just the way I like it!’ Larry.

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