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Pickle Park Pleasure

I pulled into a pickle park (rest area) midday in August to find a couple of young bucks, say, college age, flashing their cocks at each other while they took some scenic photos. Both had the ‘college abs’ and tight muscles, one had a shaved cock and the other was sporting a nice piece of hanging meat. As I pretended not to watch, these two were just playing around and having some fun while on a road trip. I got out of my rig to take a piss and conveniently let them see my 9” cock hang down while letting the faucet run. One yelled, ‘hey, love to take a pic of that and show my girlfriend.’ I waved him over and both came running. I pulled open my fly and unbuttoned my pants to give them full view. The one with the camera starting taking photos of my cock. The other ran up next to me and pulled down his shorts as if to get in the picture. My cock has a mind of it’s own and it woke up! In no time they had full view of my rock hard nine inch fuck pole. I was so fucking turned on by the idea of these ‘two guys gone wild.’ The one next to me ask, ‘man what a rod! Can I touch it?’ He ask. ‘Sure, suck it off if you like.’ I replied with a shit eating grin. I figured I would push my luck with these two playful guys. He grabbed my hard cock and pulled on it. The other said, ‘get down and suck it man, it looks tasty.’ And he did. We were on the back side of the rig, no one could see us unless they walked around the truck or trailer, but the parking lot had very few cars and only one other truck. So the one got on his knees and took my hard shaft all the way down. Damn, almost an instant orgasm for me. I pulled the back of his head firmly to my crotch and drove my big headed dick into his throat. The other guy kept taking pictures. He gagged a couple of times but kept sucking and bobbing his head up and down my shaft. My balls slapped his chin. The slobber from sucking my cock was dripping out the corners of his hot mouth. The guy with the camera ran out of film, at first, he was going back to his car to get more film, but changed his mind and he too, dropped to his knees, pushed the first stud out of the way and took over sucking my rod. The first guy stayed on the ground with his cock out. I was amazed at how these two ‘jock’ guys were working my cock over. They both had their cocks out jerking them off. They never took their hands/eyes or mouth off my throbbing cock. I was really worked up and told them, ‘guys, I’m about to blow a huge load, who wants it?’ At the same fucking time, they took my cock and held their mouths open and took turns jerking my shaft. Cheek to cheek they knelt before me wanting me to share my huge load with both of them. The air was kinda cool but sweat had my shirt totally wet and I could feel the cum working it’s way out of my tight balls, up my hard shaft and just about ready to shower both of these guys. Watching each of them wanting to take and share my offerings was a complete turn on for me. My cock head swelled and I began spraying hot man cum all over each one’s face. Gob after gob hit each one. Some in their mouth and other gobs on their face. My balls were empty and they were covered. What a fucking hot scene that was. From that point on, I keep my open at any and all pickle parks I pull into. You just never know when or where you are going to get lucky. With the law watching out for any activity like this, one must be real careful these days, but I think we are doing a great job out smarting the ‘kill joys.’ Ralph S. TransCon Driver

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