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Pickle Park Persuasion

Several years back I had a local run from Houston, Texas to Lake Charles, Louisiana. At the time I pulled a tanker of waste crude oil to a reclamation refinery there. Being married, the only time I got to suck cock or get my cock sucked, by a guy, was when I visited a local book store not far from my home. It was easy for me, my wife had a job with odd hours, so I’d take a trip and spend an hour or so, on my knees, at one of several busy glory holes there. I often wondered if I could get some action at one of the rest areas I passed coming and going on my daily trip. I worried more about getting caught by the cops, or someone seeing me and reporting me and the other guy, thus, getting into some trouble I couldn’t explain my way out of. As you leave Houston heading east on I-10, just past the Baytown exit, there use to be a rest area on each side of the highway. Not there today. But I’d pull in to take a piss from all the coffee I drank while waiting for my tanker to be loaded. I use to see a couple guys there quite often. Once in a while a tall thin white guy would be setting in his car watching guys coming and going. The walls between the toilets were only five foot tall, so it was easy to look over and see if anyone was setting on the pot. Or you could see anyone standing taking a piss in the stall. Once I walked in and took a peek over the wall, the guy in question was setting on the pot jerking off his hard cock. I had a hard on all the way to Lake Charles thinking of the guy widdling away on his stick. I jerked off in my rig setting in the Louisiana welcome center it turned me on so much. Every morning I’d pull in and take a look around for the guy. The days he wasn’t there, a heavy set black guy filled his place. He sat by the phone, with his cock out jerking away on it. I thought, how fucking brave. Of course, he’d only pull his cock out when a guy would walk by. Early one morning, just about day light, I passed his car and heard his ask me something. My heart started pounding a little, but I thought what the hell. I stepped back and put my head in his window. In a mumbled voice the black guy ask, ‘you want a blow job buddy?’ As he slid his hand up and down his black shaft. My heart was in my throat. I could hardly speak! I cleared my throat and replied, ‘sure, but where?’ ‘Get in, I’ll drive to the far end, or we can get in your truck.’ He said. I felt we could get in my truck, it would be much safer, and it was till dark. I made my way back to the rig. The big guy got up in my truck and pulled out his cock. I reached over and grabbed it. Man, that was a hard cock. ‘You like to suck, truck driver?’ He ask. ‘Yeah, you?’ I replied. ‘Sure do. But you can suck on me first.’ He offered. I turned my hat backwards where the bill would be in he back. I dropped my head down and took the guy’s cock in my mouth. I could not only smell the guy’s cock/ball smell, I could taste it. I took his cock all the way down into my throat. I knew how to suck cock, I do it every fucking chance I get at the adult store. My head bobbed up and down the black guy’s shaft. My own cock was begging to be let out of my tight pair of Dickies. I was so fucking turned on, sucking his cock, I just about came trying to pull my cock out. The black guy pushed my head off his cock. ‘I’m gonna cum if you keep that up, let me suck you a little bit.’ He ask. Just barely getting day light, I sat back in my seat and pulled my pants down a little more. His head fell over into my lap and took my cock down his throat. His tight lips went up and down my shaft, with his tongue working my piss hole. I was about to shoot my load. He just about had me cuming when he stopped. ‘Now, your turn, suck me off, then I’ll finish you.’ He said. I leaned over and took his cock down my throat. That man taste was driving me wild. If I had jerked on my cock any little bit, my load would be spraying all over the stirring wheel and every where else. With my cock standing straight up, ready to shoot, I could feel his warm, salty juice fill my mouth as I went up and down the black shaft. I swallowed several times, cum kept pouring out of his slit. When he was done he pushed my head back and quickly took my trigger happy cock in his mouth. Two bobs up and down my shaft, I was releasing my cum in his mouth. He sucked it all up and cleaned up the left overs in my now limpish shaft. We serviced each other three days a week for the next year. I sure miss that rest area, bad. CB Handle ‘Crazy Bone.’

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