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Pickle Park Fuck-Fest

I’m a pickle park whore! For a while I thought it was an addiction, but work kept me out of town for several weeks, gave me some time to dry out. At one time I would frequent the rest areas (there are three within an hour from my home) every fucking night. I’ve been in more different trucks than a trucker himself. I’ve done just about everything there is to do, to get a Trucker’s attention in a rest area. I tap my breaks, that works best when the weather out is cold. I have a watch that lights up at the touch of a button, I wear it, stand behind my car and flash it on and off. You would be surprised at the guys that blink their trailer lights back to me to get my attention and invite me for some ‘sleeper fun!’ I do have a CB, but I get all caught up in conversation and soon loose my prey, so to speak.

One August night, I cruised a rest area just off a busy interstate, and by the time the night was over, I found myself naked, just inside the woods with three other guys, two were truckers, all fucked out and asleep. Talk about a wild night. It all started when I pulled in with a six pack and some cigarettes. I pulled in, parked, found a nice picnic table where I could watch the trucks pull in. I sat there discretely drinking my beer and just being kicked back. As the evening turned dark, I would get up and cruise the rest rooms, and stand by the phone booths and see if I could get a trucker or two aroused. Sure enough, I was being watched by a tall slender trucker. He came to the phone booths and made some small talk, called his dispatcher and mentioned out loud that he was gonna have to lay over at the rest area. He was out of hours. He jeans were well worn and had a tear just below the front left side in the crotch area. I’m thinking, what a cheap way to advertise. If I stated just right, I could see one of his balls hanging quite low. He had a pretty good package, and I wanted in it. He got off the phone with his dispatcher and I ask him if he’d like a beer. ‘Sure, hell yeah!’ We made it over to the picnic bench, picked up what beer was left, and made out way to his big rig. We sat in the front seats as we talked, drank the four beers that were left. I could see the head of his cock through that tear in his jeans. He could care less what I saw. ‘Got a tear there, huh?’ I mentioned. ‘Yeah, I meant to change these fucking worn out jean, hold on a minute.’ He said as he got up, went to the back, curtains open, pulled off his jeans and turned around with a half hard cock. ‘You want what you’ve been eye balling?’ He ask. I got up, went to the back and we sucked each other off twice. As we relaxed for a few minutes he ask me if there was much action at this rest area. ‘Hit or miss. You never know what’s going on until you give is some time.’ I explained. ‘You want to fuck in the woods?’ He ask. Don’t ask me twice about fucking anywhere, I’m always ready! He grabbed a Mexican blanket and out we went to the woods behind the truck parking. It was pretty dark by then, the lights from the parking lot gave us all we needed to see what to do. We both stripped and started sucking each other off again. He rimmed my hot ass while I got on all fours. I could see some movement headed our way. Not sure if they were other cruisers or more horny truckers. A guy stumbled back out way, without a word, he pulls his coveralls off and joins in our fun. He was kinda musty smelling, like he had worked all day, but that sweaty man smell just made things hotter. He worked his way around in front of me so I could suck on that cheesy head of his. My cock was about to burst because of the ass eating I was getting from my trucker buddy. I could feel his cock head up around my hot hole. He was on his knees fucking me doggie style. The guy in front of me, now hard as a rock, worked his way to my back side and the two took turns with my wet ass. One would fuck me for several minutes, switch out, and the other would fuck me. They both took turns for at least 30 to 45 minutes. My ass was sore all the next day. They both dumped their heavy loads in my ass. I shot a huge wad of cum all over the blanket beneath me. As we were in the middle of our fuckfest, yet another hot body walks upon us. He was a black man with a huge fucking cock. As I’m getting the second of my breeders cumming in my ass, he shoves his cock down my throat. I became an instant cum bucket that evening. The black man dropped his hot juicy load in my mouth, without a word, he zipped up and walked out of the woods. Once again, another wonderful fuckfest at the pickle parks. Cliff

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