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Pickle Park Fuck

Say what you want to, anonymous sex is some of the best sex a man can have. Blow job, rim job or fuck job, it’s all good and who the fuck cares if you get a name? Give me the dick any day. I’ve been sucked, fucked in just about every fucking place you can possibly hide in a pickle park, better known to many as a rest area. I’m no pervert, the best time to prowl sex hungry truckers and travelers is at night. Too risky during the day with families and attendants on duty. I’m not into tearing up public property either, if there’s no glory hole, I’m not going to make one. But let there be one between the stalls anywhere, I’m there waiting on that hard dripping cock. I’ve eaten tons of man juice from a glory hole. Most straight men prefer the glory hole, I’d imagine it’s because they’re afraid they’ll have to kiss the guy that gave them the mind blowing blow job when they’re done. My observation only. Late spring, summer and early fall, you can find me trolling the back side of the rigs in the woods area of a pickle park. I’ve even gone as far as taking my dog to the pickle park for a walk. What a fucking alibi. I was once questioned by an officer why I was walking around the woods behind the pickle park with my dog. Hello?! And to think they gave that stupid fuck a badge and a gun! ‘Walking my dog officer, walking my dog. Is that against the law? I ask. ‘Have a nice day sir.’ Was the air heads reply. Usually, truckers like to take you back to the rig if they’re that horned up. I’ve had a guy fuck me for hours in the sleeper of his rig. I’ll never forget. I was on a trip down south. On my second day I got through the Ft. Worth, Texas traffic and pulled into a rest area south of town. It was just about dark and I decided to take a smoke and set at a picnic table to see if I could get some attention. There were several rigs parked and a few cars. People were coming and going as I sat at the table with my cigarette in hand. A big rig pulled in, out jumped a tall, slender middle aged guy. He scurried up to the rest rooms with an eye on me his entire way. Just about the time I figured I’d better check this guy out, he returned back to his truck. We made some really good eye to eye contact as he went to the rig and got in. Almost too dark for me to see, he turned the cab light on and waved me over. I dropped my cigarette and headed over to the big white rig. I stepped in and met the trucker with a huge hard cock in his hand. It had a mushroom head and balls to match. ‘You suck cock? Good Buddy?’ He ask. Without a word I dropped down on his massive meat. As I worked on his root, he worked out of his pants. He was naked from the waste down. I lapped on his balls and worked his cock over. I wanted so bad to taste his cum. ‘You like to fuck? Good Buddy?’ He ask. ‘You betcha!’ I replied. ‘Get in the back, strip down, it’s been a few days, I won’t be home to the wife until next week.’ He said. I did as he ask in record time. He kept his unbuttoned shirt on while I lay on my back with legs back. He put his wet cock head on my hole and gently worked it in. The large mushroom head ‘popped’ into my ass. At first it hurt, but soon, as he slid that long shaft deep in me, the pain subsided. He worked my ass over. He never put his face close to mine, I laid there and moaned like a fucking whore in heat. He kept fucking and ask if he could leave his load in me. ‘Yeah, yeah, leave all of it in me, yeah!’ I begged. He threw his head back and cried out as he dumped his hot load in me. After he came in me, he pulled out and we shared a cold soda from his fridge in the rig. ‘Read to go again?’ He ask. This time he fucked me while I was on my hands and knees. He leaned over me and fucked my hole for fifteen minutes or so, then I lay back over on my back and he tore my hole up again. This time, he pulled out and showered me with his cum. That huge cock head spurted a dozen long thick streams of that juice. Horny truckers, what a way to get screwed. RL S.Dakota

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