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Over the Road Driver

Not much to hooking up with guys ‘on the road.’ There has always been hoopla about cruising, from tapping the break lights, clicking the mic of your CB, eye to eye contact in the rest rooms, stickers, t-shirts, coffee mugs with logos, they’re all good and they all work, given the right time, the right place. Unless a guy is all horned up all the time, like me, chances of hooking up in crowded places like the restaurant or convenience store of a truck stop, fuel island or busy rest area are slim to none. Because of too many eyes watching. Most, if not all, drivers know the protocol in a rest area. They know all about the good buddies and what they’re doing there. They know all about the tapping break lights and most will have a comment or two over the CB radio when they see a cruiser, better known as ‘good buddy,’ in a rest area looking to suck off a trucker. Again, if a guy is all horned up, alone, he’s thinking ‘what the fuck.’ Not all drivers are gay, and not all drivers play on the road, however, the majority of guys will get off one way or another. I never pass up a good buddy or fellow trucker that wants some man play. When I first started driving, I was amazed at the cruising that goes on in rest areas and truck stops. Early one morning in a rest area, I was bumping my tires and taking a piss when I noticed a guy standing not far from my rig. As I was pissing he walked up and ask if I needed any help. ‘As in?’ I ask. ‘You need any help holding that fat cock of yours.’ He replied. I was parked in a safe place, and the idea of a set of hot lips on my pole sounded good. I turned and unbuttoned my pants and offered the cock sucker a look at my meat. He stood closer and stroked my cock up and down. In no time he was on his knees sucking my cock. My cock swelled and fit perfect down his open throat. Man, this guy knew what the fuck he was doing. His tongue swirled around my cock head. He put a nice suction on my shaft each time he took in deep. He held my cock up and sucked on my balls a minute, then back down the throat my cock would go. I held the back of the cock sucker’s head as he bobbed up and down on my cock. ‘You swallow buddy?’ I ask. He kept sucking, which meant yes to me. I could feel my balls tighten up and the juice working it’s way to the head. His tongue was working double time and soon my cum was spurting out the head of my cock and down his throat. I was done, so was he. He stood up, I said thanks and off he went. I stood there a minute between the rig and trailer to gather my thoughts. Wow! What a fucking blow job. I would imagine most activity with drivers happen this way. Not too many will get out of the rig, wonder off into the woods unless they really want to romp with another guy. I’ve been in the woods and have had some great times, but it seems more guys want to ‘blow and go.’ Well, the more straighter guys like it that way. Once in a truck stop for the night, I was parked facing the next row across from me. I took my shower, ate some dinner, went to the rig, did my paper work and kicked back with the lights out and watched the parking lot. The CB was quiet, except for some lot lizard trying to sell her pussy. A trucker across from had his bunk light on. It looked like he was cleaning up his bunk getting ready to bed down for the night. With his curtain open a little, I could see this hairy bear type take his shirt off. He continued to mess around in the bunk and soon, off came his pants and shorts. He turned and gave me a breif look at his short fat cock and big balls. ‘Man!’ I thought, what I’d give to have a taste of that. He continued to fool around in his bunk, naked. As I watched him flash every once in a while, I took my shorts off and stroked my cock and pinched my nipples. I was working up a good load to shoot. As my blood boiled at the thought of this bear trucker, I wondered if he had his CB on. I picked up the mic and spoke, ‘hey Reynolds Transportation, you got your radio on?’ To my surprise he reached through the curtain and grabbed his CB. ‘Yeah, go ahead.’ He said. For a second I wondered what the fuck I was going to say. I quickly thought and said, ‘Take it to channel thirty.’ He replied, ‘Gone!’ We met up on channel thirty. I made some small trucker talk to bore anyone that might had followed. ‘Where you guys out of? How many miles do you get to run? Do they have teams? Etc.’ As he talked to me I saw him get in the front seat of his rig. My cab was all dark, but I could see him just fine in his well lit bunk and cab. Finally I ask him, ‘You always put on a show in your rig?’ He knew what I was talking about and replied, ‘yeah, trying to get some company, you interested?’ I was, again, shocked! ‘Hell yeah I’m interested, I’m naked too, watching you!’ I told him. ‘The door’s open, come on over.’ He replied and put his mic up. I pulled my shorts and shirt back on and made my way over to his rig. The big burly bear was laid back on his bunk when I got in. With the light still on, but curtains closed, I instantly went down on his short fat cock. His balls were huge and hard. I licked, sucked and chewed on his cock until his was rock hard. Still short, but big around as a beer can. I opened my mouth and sucked it like a huge pop-cicle. He pulled me around and pulled my shorts down. I positioned myself where he could get my cock in his mouth. There I was, on top of this bear sucking and getting sucked. In no time his short fat cock was spurting thick cum in my mouth. I unloaded my cock as well in his mouth. We both slurped and sucked until our cocks went limp. I made my way back to my rig and went to sleep. Very seldom you find a trick that want’s you to stay over. Most guys are ‘get in, get off, get out’ types. Nothing wrong with that at all! I would say most truckers are like that. Gay truckers, like myself, would fuck all night long and love it. Most truckers that are looking to get off with someone, want to get off and you to get on down the road. I have no problem with those types. Another gay trucker and I hooked up at the Petro in Hammond, Louisiana. We met at the fuel desk, he was getting coffee, I was waiting in line. Eye to eye, small talk and we were setting in his rig drinking coffee, killing time. ‘You fool around?’ He ask. ‘Depends on what kind of fooling around you’re talking about.’ I replied. He grabbed his crotch and said, ‘this kind.’ He got up and went to his bunk, I followed. He grabbed my crotch and the clothes came off. We sucked, fucked and came more than once. We spent the night together, we showered, did laundry, sucked each other off again, and again, and even fucked twice more before we parted ways. Now that’s two gay truckers. He’s the one that gave me my first Gay Truckers Classifieds. I’ve met some hot cock suckers through the magazine, graduated myself and got all the cruising gear, coffee mug, t-shirt and stickers. To date, I’ve hooked up with two cock suckers that noticed my stickers and three drivers (not all at the same place) with my GTC T-Shirt. It was quite simple really, not much work at all. A guy in the restaurant of the Flyin J in Arizona noticed my shirt and invited me to his rig for a hot blow job. I’ve struck up numerous conversations with my coffee mug at fuel islands, which ended up with two fucks and several blow jobs. So the incognito stuff works too! From my over the road experience, I’ve learned the sexual activity is alive and well on the road, and the most wanted blow jobs are from the guys that want quickies. Again, nothing wrong with that. I’ve sucked off a lot of drivers that had their wives with them on the road. They drop their pants, pull out their cock and want to shoot that load as quick as possible. No names, no strings, just a hot blow job. Works for me! For those of you new to the ‘cruising scene,’ my advice would be, take your time, be seen, be available and don’t be pushy. If the guy is interested, you’ll be the first to know, once someone has rejected you in some way or fashion, move on down the line. Don’t push it, I find that if you miss out on one hot truck driver, wait around, there’s another coming up the road. There’s more cock coming your way, be patient, and be ready. Good buddies, truckers, there is sex to be had, you just have to work it! S.W. OTR Driver

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