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Nude Dude Drivin'

Updated: May 6, 2023

One the road, or at home, most likely you'll find me naked. Livin' life in the nude. Nothing like a ride in the country, fresh air, letting your body breath. Now I'm no idiot, I know when to have my clothes on. I know many places to take a nude hike, soak up some sun, and just enjoy the pleasures nature has to offer. Once on a trail near a local lake, mid week, no one around, a young couple caught me by surprise. The guy's girl said, 'I didn't know this was a clothing optional trail.' I replies, 'it is if you want it to be.' They both stripped and joined me on a three mile hike that day. Needless to say, they too were nudist. You know when and when not to. I often get ask about being seen in my big rig. First off, you can't see that far up, second other truckers are passing by too fast, unless in dead stopped traffic, they might gaze over and see me, I have been looked at a time or two, usually get the thumbs up. It's naural. Anyone that thinks it's perversion, well, you fuckers have a problem. I'm comfortalbe in my own skin, yes, I'm getting older, some shit is saggin' now days, but hey! I love who I am, the only one I have to impress is that fucker in the mirror. Get out, get naked. Enjoy the freedom. And send me a pic.

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And as always, please leave a comment, share a pic (or two) or ask me anything. Enjoy your day!

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The HERE links don't work.


Thanks for the heads up, both links work now, I apologize, fucking software, lol. Tim

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