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Nothing Like Trucker Sex

Naked in the sleeper ~

In the early 1990s I attended a gay party in a distant suburb of St. Louis. I was approximately 35 years old. The host was known for his parties and was quite the party giver with good liquor, food and a secluded hot tub. I was speaking to a butch man, who was about my age. He was good-looking and carried himself well. His name was Frank. As you do at parties, I asked him what he did and was informed that he was a truck driver. Without even thinking I blurted out: “I have always wanted to have sex in the back of a truck cab!” He smiled and said: “How about right now?” I laughed as there certainly were no truck rigs outside of the suburban house. He proceeded to explain that he had parked his truck about five miles away and had taken a taxi to the party. I quickly agreed to leave with him and we made our departure, although the host insisted that we were going to miss the best part of the party when the guys got into the hot tub. I doubt anyone there could have had as much fun as Frank and I did! I drove my new friend in my Cadillac to his truck, which was parked at a closed and abandoned gas station. We parked the car behind his huge truck and got into the cab. I enjoyed his enthusiastic explanations of all the instruments but I was more interested in his own! I climbed into the bed at the back of the cab and Frank quickly followed. In short order we were naked and sucking each others dicks. I was thrilled to see that this man had a nice body and a thick penis, although not more than six inches in length. It was really nice and thick, as I like them. I made it pretty obvious that I was interested in getting fucked by him and he requested that I place my feet on the rib of the cab roof. It was a great way to get fucked as the weight of my legs did not hamper his movements. The trucker was equipped with condoms and lube so I doubt that this was his first time! In short order he was inside of me with the usual small degree of pain and then lots of pleasure. My fantasy proved to be to be as good as I had hoped and soon Frank pulled out, stripped the condom off and lathered me with fresh semen. I followed with my own climax and was lying there drenched in semen. The feeling was totally satisfying especially when you both know it was great. Suddenly we were both started to hear a car drive up the truck at a fast pace and screech to a stop. Of course, I was naked and quite vulnerable. Frank managed to pull his pants on, scramble down to the truck seat and peer out. At first he was unable to see anyone as the driver of the mystery car must have parked behind the big rig. It was with great relief that Frank then reported that a police car was driving off without causing us any problems. We were both confident that the police man had seen my car parked behind the truck near the loading doors and raced over to see if someone was stealing from the truck. Satisfied that the truck was secure, the car locked up and no doubt, the truck empty, he drove on never knowing that two men were inside having just completed a great fuck. Of course, that was an illegal act at the time. I recall that the excitement actually added to the experience and I drove home a happy man. I remembered to send a thank you note to the host and told him that the party was a blast! Jeff, Darlington, South Carolina

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