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Neighbor Surprises Me

It was Saturday morning and I had the house to myself, so I decided it was a perfect time to find some hot online videos and jack off. I sat in my easy chair in front of the computer totally stripped — no one was at home, remember — and found something that got me going. Then I started working my foreskin back and forth slowly, not wanting to cum too quickly. I had forgotten that I had unlocked the back door to let the dog out earlier. Without my realizing it, in came my next door neighbor, Fred, and I was so engrossed by what I was seeing and doing I didn’t realize he was there. But then I saw something out of the corner of my eye and looked toward the kitchen. There was Fred! I jumped and tried to cover up the best I could, but that wasn’t very easy since I was naked. Fred laughed just a bit and told me that I shouldn’t be embarrassed, all men do this. Then he told me something that really surprised me: “I haven’t jacked off with another guy since I was in high school. Mind if I join you?” “Sure, that’s fine with me,” I told Fred, trying not to sound too excited. So he stripped and we saw each other naked for the first time. His cock was about the same size as mine only he was cut. He “fluffed” it a bit, like guys frequently do when they want to “look their best.” Then he pulled up a chair and sat next to me. I had turned off the video I was watching, so I asked Fred what kind of video he wanted to see. “How about just a picture of a hot woman, while you and I talk out loud about what we’d do to her while we shared her?” “Sounds good to me,” I said back. I found a picture like Fred wanted to see (I personally was turned on just by seeing my neighbor jacking off!) and we started jacking. We talked about how we’d both have our cocks inside her at the same time, being able to feel each other’s cocks in her pussy, in her ass, one in her pussy and the other in her ass, how she would blow each of us and then have both of our cockheads in her mouth at the same time. “How would we finish?” Fred asked me innocently. “How about we jack each other off onto her tits?” I suggested (hoping that he would be turned on by that scenario). “You mean like this?” Fred said — and he reached over and took ahold of my cock. “Oh yeah!” I said, reaching over and grabbing his cock. “Never seen an uncut cock like this before,” Fred told me. “You just jack off by pulling the skin back and forth I guess.” “Yep, that’s it,” I said breathlessly. Of course I already knew how to jack off a cut cock, having done that plenty of times through the years. “Why don’t we go into the bathroom so we can shoot our loads into the tub and not make a mess out here?” So into the bathroom we went. We stood at the edge of the tub and jacked each other’s cocks, Fred pulling my foreskin back and forth and my stroking his precum-lubed cock with my hand. He continued to talk out loud about how the woman was playing with her clit while she watched us jacking each other off (I didn’t need any scenario to think about since I was plenty turned-on by what we were doing to each other). And then it happened! At almost the exact same time we both came, shooting load after load of hot cum into the bathtub. I could feel Fred’s cock swelling up a lot, and I’m sure he could feel mine as well. We both watched each other cum, Fred working my skin till the last drop was out and me stroking him till he was empty as well. “Wow! That was great, David!” Fred told me. “Sure was,” I said back. “Glad you surprised me this morning!” I said with a wink. “Me, too, David.” Fred said with a wink. “Guess I’d better get dressed and go home.” So that is what he did. I got into my bathtub and took a shower, watching our mixed cum washing down the drain. Ah, the memories! I will remember to always leave my backdoor unlocked when I jack off again, in case Fred “needs something” from his neighbor! ;)

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