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Neighbor Has A Need

Ralph was my next-door neighbor. We knew each other from talking about the weather and stuff, but not very well. One day I really had to pee and started toward the bathroom. “Ding dong” the doorbell chimed, over and over again. I decided to keep my bladder under control and I went to the door. There was Ralph, with an anxious look on his face. “Hey, David,” he said, “I’ve got a real favor to ask you.” “OK,” I responded. “My bathroom is torn up for remodeling, including the toilet, and I really gotta pee really bad. Could I use your bathroom?” He was really getting anxious. “Sure, Ralph, but I was headed there myself cuz my bladder is really full,” I told him quickly. “I don’t mind sharing the toilet if you don’t.” “Let’s go!” Ralph said as he walked quickly to the bathroom. There we were, standing at the toilet. Ralph took out his dick, which was about the same size as mine but he was cut (I am not). I pulled out my dick, and we both started unloading our bladders into the toilet bowl. “David,” Ralph said, “I hope you don’t mind my saying this, but I thought uncut guys always pulled their foreskins back before they peed so they could aim better. But you’re not, you’re just letting the piss flow out that loose skin at the end.” “That’s usually called an ‘overhang,’ “ I told him, “and it really varies with the guy. I don’t have to pull my skin back in order to aim. Of course you don’t have to worry about what to do with a foreskin since you don’t have one,” I said with a wink. “David,” Ralph began to say slowly as he put his dick away and I did the same, “I hope you don’t mind my asking you about this, but I’ve never known anybody who wasn’t cut to ask questions of. When your dick gets hard, the skin is pulled all the way back and you look like you’ve been cut, right?” “Well, Ralph, that’s an individual thing as well,” I told him. “In my case, if I get hard without moving the skin, my dick head is completely covered even fully hard — course I can pull it back when I want to.” “A complete boner with the foreskin still over the head?” Ralph asked incredulously. “Yep,” I said back. “I’ve got an idea. Why don’t I turn on some porn for us to watch and we’ll play with our dicks through our pants until we’re fully hard, and then we can show them to each other — you’ll see what I mean.” “Well,” Ralph began, “I guess that would be OK for two neighbors to do together.” I figured Ralph wanted to see straight porn, so that is what I put on. While Ralph was watching the screen and playing with his dick through his pants, I was watching Ralph doing that while I played with my dick through my pants. “I’m ready, Ralph, are you?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said, not knowing what he should do next. “I’ll count to three and then we both take our boners out. One, two, three!” I said as we both took our hard dicks out (which wasn’t all that easy since they were hard and our flies were not that big). “See? My dick head is completely covered, and I’m fully hard,” I told Ralph. Ralph was looking at my dick all right, and I looked at his. “Yours has a nice mushroom shape to it,” I told Ralph, and he thanked me a little nervously as he may not have ever had another guy compliment his dick. “David,” Ralph asked me, “so you jack off with the head all covered?” “No, Ralph,” I responded, “I pull it back and forth like this,” and I worked my foreskin back and forth, back and forth. “Cool!” Ralph said. “How do you jack off?” I asked him. “Like this,” he said, then spit in his hand and started to stroke his cock. “Well, we’re already hard and turned-on, might as well finish, don’t you think?” I said to to him. “Well, I guess that wouldn’t hurt,” he said with a slight blush to the face. I led him back into the bathroom and once again we stood next to each other at the toilet. Ralph watched while I worked my foreskin back and forth over my precum-slicked dick head, and I watched him while he slicked up his dick with spit and stroked it. “Ready?” I asked him. “Oh yeah!” Ralph said. And then we both shot load after load of hot cum into the toilet. I think that in spite of himself Ralph was as turned on as I was, because we were both panting and trying to catch our breath after orgasm. “Well, I guess you’ve learned a lot of stuff today, Ralph,” I told him with a wink. “Yes, I have, David,” he said back to me, also giving me a wink. We stuffed our still-mostly-hard dicks back into our pants and went into the living room. “Come on back anytime you need to use the bathroom,” I told him. “Thanks, David. I probably will need to do that sometime in the future,” he responded. I sure hope that happens!!

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