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Nature Hike ~ Cemetery Trail

Last week I blogged about a secluded nature trail I took a nude hike down, well, I'm back on the trail but went a little further than before. Know I know why it was called the 'Cemetery Trail', it just happened to end at a long forgotten cemetery that has been there long before the lake was ever an idea. Dated back to the mid 1800's, and some graves were just marked with white stakes and large rocks. Quite an interesting find. When time and work schedule allows I'll be hitting this area more often with my naked hikes and do a little more digging on said cemetery. Long are those folks forgotten. As I mentioned before, the trail is the busiest in spring and on weekends, during the week and especially in this heat, very few 'if any' are out on these trails. Mostly wooded, it offers an nudist paradise when it comes to getting close to nature. I also went on the north side of the lake to Iron Bridge, kinda sorta but not quite a beach area, most popular on the weekends, with no facilities, those that like to rough it when camping love this spot. I had the place all to myself during the week, got my skinny dipping on. I took my innertube to float my fat ass around and catch some rays. Just like on the road, if you're that much of a advid nudist, you find your place, even if it's on the back row late at night at the truck stop, a naked walk is great for the soul. You just never know the next naked adventure I might go after, get out, get naked, and set your body free!

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