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Naked @ Work

As a nudist I take advantage of being clothe less as often as I can. Fortunately my job gives me plenty of opportunity daily. Not always, but most of the time. Long distance driving, several hundred miles plus, I have nothing on but my tennis shoes & a smile. I get ask too often, what if you get pulled over? No worries, I have a handy pair of shorts to quickly pull on. What if you get pulled into a weigh station? Same, except I just lay them across my lap as I roll through the scale. 'IF' I get pulled in for an inspection, etc., I'll pull them on and a shirt. It's not illegal to drive nude, as long as no one can see you. I dive nude, when home, in my jeep as well, on long drives, not around town, in and out too much. My windows are tinted enough and besides, over all, who cares? It's not like I'm shaking my dick at anyone.

At work, where I unload is usually out in the country at storage facilities, it's safer to be all natural on weekends, holidays or at night when chances of anyone happening up on me is much less of a threat. However, some are close to highways or well traveled county roads, I just have to be a little more cautious. Overall, it's kind of a rush to think I will be seen. What would I do? What would I say? Example, one evening, late, after dark at a truck stop in Florida, I was taking my trash out and took a short hike, nude. Back row of the parking lot, low to no lights, moon light at it's best, I walked along behind the big rigs to wind down before I went to bed. Another trucker walks up on me walking his dog. We made small talk, talked about the night, his dog, and before he walked off he mentioned it 'was' a great night for a nude walk. We laughed and went our merry ways. Another time a guy saw me, same scenario, and ask what that was around my cock. (cock ring) I explained, he held my cock up to examine such a thing, well, kinda went in a sexual nature after that. It happens. Best advice about all of the above, driving nude, nude in public, naked at work, 'right place, right time.' Know your surroundings, and try it out. Most of the time, no one cares. To those that have never tried the nudist thing, start off spending the day nude at home. You'll be surprised... T.

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