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Naked Trucker, working naked....

Nudist will be naked as much and as often as they can. Clothes are to keep you warm when the weather is cold. I could and would live nude 24/7 naked if the law would allow. It has nothing to do with sexuality, however, I am gay, that's my sexuality, but I'm a nudist as well. Just because I'm naked doesn't necessarily mean I'm on some perverted mission. (could be given the right place at the right time). I've hung out nude at the back of a truck stop parking lot, enjoying the night air when someone walks up on me. Two things, once guy walking his dog walked up on my drinking a beer checking out the lights on my trailer, nude, late night. Made small talk, I pet the pup, his words were all about a nice evening, great weather, etc. Nothing about me being naked, well, except hiking boots. Another guy, caught me taking out my trash, nude, back lot, truck stop. Walked up to me, fondled my dick, ask about my cock ring, we ended up in a 69 position in the sleeper of my rig. Hot time. We've hooked up several times, same truck stop, same position. He is so wanted to fuck me. I'll report later. So, about me, nudist, naturalist, all about body positive, go nude. Drive naked. Try it, it's a rush. No one sees, no one cares. Today's drivers are too worried about their phones. Hard to see up in a big rig, other drivers might see me, who cares? My rig, my place, wear what I want. Duly note; these photos were taken at a delivery location, daytime photos were on a weekend, the others late at night, however, chances of being seen? 50/50, what a rush! I love living life naked. To see much more of my nudity, and kinky side of gay pleasure, plus videos, visit my OnlyFans Page: nakedtrucker123

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