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I’d like to be known as the ‘Cock Sucking’ Naked Trucker! That’s right, when a cruiser confronts me, I want to suck him as bad as he wants to suck me. Drive naked? Hell fucking yes! You’ll be fucking surprised at the fellow truckers I’ve met (sucked, fucked, etc..) that love to hang out while they drive. Just imagine passing a big rig, the guy has his window down, wind blowing in his hair, or face, with no shirt on. Well guys, I’m here to tell you, chances are he might not have any thing else on either. I’ve got a pair of light shorts to wear when pulling into the scale house, I’ll just lay it in my lap, if I get pulled in, I have plenty of time to pull them and a shirt on. I always wear my tennis shoes, just in case I got to get out and run. Truckers are notorious of having bad habits. Smoking and over eating are the worse. Seems we gotta have something in our hands running down the highways all the time. I quite smoking a while back, the burning end of the cigarette has fallen into my naked lap way too many times and burned the fuck out of my dick, balls and the smell of burning hair is damn awful. Now, I drive down the highway with my cock in my hand, it’s much safer, healthier and a lot of fun. When pulling into a pickle park for a quick break, bump tires, etc., I usually look for a cock sucker in the shadows. I use the play in the back woods of a lot of rest areas, too risky any more, but running around naked with several guys, getting off, fucking in the leaves, what a fucking turn on. I’ve left my jizz in more than one pickle park over the years and drank a ton of cum too! I love to suck cock, hell, what gay trucker doesn’t? I don’t have time or want to waste the time getting fucked, however, if there is more than one guy to suck, I’ll get into the bottom action. I once met a team in Laramie, Wyoming at the Total Truck Stop where I fuel when running I-80. It was real cold, roads were iced, I had some time to kill plus the company I drive for won’t let us put chains on the truck. So I waited the ice storm out. Met these two good looking guys that ran team together, I put the make on one in the rest room, and I ended up in their sleeper. Funny thing, both were married and loved to get their cocks sucked. I love it when a bunch of drivers are locked down because of the weather, that’s when the cruising gets exciting. These guys wanted to be sucked and sucked hard. One ask me if I took it up the ass, ‘why hell yes, don’t ask twice.’ Right time, right place. I gave up my real tight hairy hole. I sucked one while the other fucked me good. They would take turns and when they finally blew their loads, it was almost too fucking much juice to swallow. I said ‘almost!’ I got every fucking bit of cum down. Two hours later, they found themselves in my sleeper for some more sucking action. I got those guys off six or seven times during our lay over which lasted 24 hours before we could get back on the road. Love sucking cock, love driving naked, love meeting new tricks along the way. The more cock the merrier, cruising on the road keeps my dick hard and balls empty! That’s what Gay Truckers are all about!

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