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In Shape, 6’ 185, 45, Hung Black Regional Driver always looking for a hot time on the road. I get my fair share of Fuck Buddies. There is not a day goes by I get a great blow job or hot piece of hairy ass off the guys that dedicate their time and effort keeping us drivers sexually satisfied. I love a hot mouth around my big black snake and love to plow a tight ass of a Trucker Hawk. Most of my action usually comes from the pickle parks and CB Radio Cruisers. I hear that often clicking sound and you can pretty well bet the snake in my pants starts to stir around and want some man to man play. I run regional, I can’t say much about other states, but Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas & sometimes Virginia can be some rewarding states for some hot cock and tight ready to go ass’s! When times are slow or it gets to hit or miss I can always pull out one of my GTC Magazines and start calling or writing a few letters. My time off is for fishing, relaxing and letting my nuts rest up for the next runs I make and leave my man juice in some hot willing cruiser’s ass hole or down their willing throats. I’ll never forget one night in a pickle park up on I-81 out of Knoxville. The rest area was really hopping. It was a Truckers’ market with all the hot willing guys looking for man to man play. I picked up a traveler that was hungry for cock. He was a short stocky guy that loved to suck cock. He sucked me so much he got me off three times that night. As he was between my legs trying to tame my snake, I left the curtains open to watch all the other Hawks do their job. He pulled my legs up and pushed them back and gave me the best fucking rim job I’d ever had. When we were done, he got back in his car and drove away. I got out, butt ass naked (in the dark) to take a piss, a guy walked up behind me and grabbed my ass cheeks. I turned around and he fell to his knees and took my sucked down cock in his mouth and worked it over again. I enjoyed the rim job so much, I hiked my leg to offer him some ‘licking good’ hole. He ate my ass as I jacked my cock hard again. He wanted to fuck my hole, but I’m a dedicated top. He pulled down his shorts and offered his hole to me. His hole was so fucking hairy, I worked my wet cock in his ass and fucked him right there next to the truck. Luckily, we were on the dark side. I left my man sperm in his ass and he shot his wad all over the tires of my rig. I love the Sex on the Road! You should too! Look for me guys, CB Handle ‘Black Runner.’ Let’s hook up down road. Denny K. Driver from Tennessee.

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