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Naked Trucker's Profile

Hey Guys, thought I would write a little about myself and maybe make your Trucker’s Profile. My Grandfather was a trucker, my dad was a trucker ad now I’m following the foot steps of my family members. Although to my knowledge, they weren’t gay and never talked about cruising on the road. Thanks to your magazine, it’s real easy to pre-plan some hook ups across the country. At 31, single, and loving the coast to coast driving, I make a lot of contacts reading the GTC. I pick up the latest issue at some of my favorite book stores that I come across on my travels. No need for me to run an ad, I get more than my fair share hooking up with guys that are looking for me! As a single over the road driver, I have a lot of time on my hands coming and going from water to water. (Coast to coast!) I’ve been a driver for ten great years and have had my cock sucked in just about every state in the country. Even Canada. I’m more of a top guy, but love to 69 with other hot guys. I’ve met willing horny truckers and many, many cock suckers from pickle parks, truck stop restaurants, parking lots and the shower room. I met a guy through the classifieds, my load was delivering in Memphis. I called the guy and made arrangements to get a good blow job or hot piece of ass while I waited to get unloaded. The guy was really a hot number, as far as getting his ass fucked. He met me at the warehouse I was delivering at. While the fork lift rocked the trailer and tractor, he and I were rocking the truck! Without much being said, he climbed up into my Kenworth, we got into the back and sucked each other off. He wanted me to run my cock up his ass about the time the fork lift driver started unloading my pallets. When the fork lift backed out of the trailer, the whole mother fucker kept rocking to the rhythm of me fucking his hot ass. I came twice in his ass hole. He loved it. As I fucked his ass he squirmed like a wild cat underneath  me. I enjoy cruising the pickle parks too! I’ve used my trusty CB many times looking and hooking up with Good Buddies looking to suck my root. When times are slow, or I don’t have time to hook up with anyone, I usually get sexual with myself. Drive down the highway, naked, hard and jacking my cock. Once, I left Dallas to El Paso to drop and hook with another driver and take his load north to Chicago. Well, I pulled out of the Pilot Truck Stop in Dallas, Texas, I-20, butt naked, plenty of lube, just to see how many times I could get myself off. I did have a trusty pair of shorts beside me, just in case I had to pull them on while going through any scale houses or DOT checks. I shot off six times on the trip west. By the time I got to the Petro in El Paso, my balls were like dried raisins. My floor board (rubber mat) looked like left overs from a bath house floor. My cock was damn near raw. Cruising at the big Petro in El Paso (there are two by the way) can be rewarding. And you might know, as soon as I switched trailers with the other driver, a driver came on the CB looking for a hot shower and a blow job. Cut to the chase, we hooked up in the laundry room right next to the showers. We shared a shower and he let me suck him off and rim his ass. He did play with my ass hole and actually got me off in the shower with him. I was spent, completely spent! On my way up the Chicago, I again, hooked up with two guys that I met through the magazine. One took me to his place, showered, ate a great meal and fucked some hot ass. The other guy met me at a truck stop outside of Morris. He was one hot cock sucker. I love to meat new friends, and have a lot of sex with them. Keep up the great work guys, this Trucker here depends on your information. Thad S. Railway Transportation.

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