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I’ve been truckin for twenty years now. I’ve gotten off with many a trucker and cruiser over those years, running the roads. I find most of the time, a single guy or group, someone is always game in getting off. The majority of guys that cruise me, say at a truck stop, or pickle park, are looking to get me off, just what I want. I love having a guy suck the cum right out of my trucker smelling balls. Nothing like a quickly in a rest room stall, shooting my heavy load in an open hawk’s mouth. I once was in a ‘community shower’ at an older ‘mom & pop’ type of truck stop. Six burly truckers, most of them middle aged or older, with huge hanging meats. During the my shower, we were all a bunch of naked truckers bull shitting in the shower when one trucker looked at another’s huge long half hard cock. ‘Damn Jr., that’ a piece of meat!’ He said jokingly. He reached over and grabbed that long dick and started stroking it and his own. I just knew there was gonna be a fucking fight. The guy leaned back as to let him pull on it all he wanted. In just a few minutes, all six of us are standing in the shower, face to face pulling on each others cocks. I wanted so fucking bad to get down on the wet floor and start sucking, but I wasn’t sure this was just one of those, ‘let’s jack each other off before we can find any women’ type of thing. I was the youngest out of the six, all these guys were other truckers and strangers to me. The older guy with the mule dick looked at me and said to us all, ‘back in my younger days, the youngest guy in the shower had to suck the other guys off.’ He said. All the other guys kinda laughed while moaning and pulling on their cocks. ‘What? Am I in heaven?’ I thought to myself. For a split second, I paused, then, uncontrollably, I dropped to my knees and started sucking the largest one. All the guys got in a circle and one by one, I sucked on them all. Just like the fucking porn movies! I’d love to tell you this shit happens all the time, but this type of trucker sex only happened to me once. I got three of the five guys to shoot in my mouth. The other two got off before I could get to them, but I took their loads in my face. I was fucking awesome! I once pulled into a rest area to find a cruising walking around the trucks, I knew what he wanted and I wanted to be the one to give it to him. He and his buddy teamed up on my cock and ass. One tongue fucked my hole while the other sucked my cock. I’m really not into anal, but a good rim job from a good buddy can’t be beat! Now, I know we all have heard guys getting lucky in every fucking pickle park he pulls into. Well, it takes time to hook up, there are some rest areas much, much more active than others, and most truck stop cruising is really risky! I hook up with more guys by eye to eye in a truck stop. Make a few passes, make sure it’s what it seems to be. Meet up in the rest room, and make plans from there if you can. I once got sucked off while watching a movie in a truck stop theater. Petro Truck Stop in York, Nebraska. Some hot guys work there too! Not all guys are looking for sex, so, you have to use your head. As time goes on, it seems more and more guys are looking to get off, with a guy, girl or goat! I’m just joking about the goat! Remember the story about jacking off. 90% of all men jack off, the other 10% are liars! Well, it’s true. I’ve gotten off (mutually) with a lot of hot looking, redneck, straight, married macho mother fuckers. End result, we all got off and it felt good! No kissing, hugging, just some good cock sucking. You cock was meant to piss out of and jack off for pleasure. What a way to look at it! Let’s hook up and get off! Ethan K. OTR Driver.

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