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Naked Trucker's Profile

Hey Guys, wanted to submit my story for your ‘Horny Trucker’s Profile.’ Also sent in a couple of pics, my ad will be cumming soon. I drive all 48 states and love it. I’ve been a driver for two years now. Your magazine ‘rocks!’ I’ve had loads of fun meeting guys in the areas I travel to or areas I deliver. I’ve had a hot time in the woods of a pickle park, on top of freight in my trailer, in my sleeper, in a cruiser’s car, you name it. When ever, where ever I can, I love to have hot man to man action. Late one night I backed into a dock that I was to deliver to the next morning, I figured I’d just sleep till time to get unloaded. I bumped the dock and parked, I pulled my breaks, turn on the cab light and caught up with some paper work. To the right of my truck, on the passenger side, was the door into the warehouse. Out of the corner of my eye, the door opened. The lights were on in the warehouse and a guy came out with nothing on but a jock strap. Wow! I thought. He came around the frond of my truck and got up on the running board. My window was down and he said, ‘Here kinda early aren’t you? I’m the guy that’s gonna unload you in the morning, some buddies of mine and I are having a bachelor party, wanna come in and join?’ Now, I’m still drooling over him wearing just a jock strap, and am wondering what kinda bachelor party are they having? ‘Sure, let me shut my rig down, I’ll be right in.’ I told him. He said, ‘Oh yeah, don’t be alarmed, some of us are just getting into the party good, that’s why I don’t have much on.’ Still puzzled, I’m wondering just what the fuck was going on in there. Looks pretty promising at that point. I got my shit all together and went in. The lights were bright, but the party was being held in a break room of some sort. I opened the door, a completely naked, hard cock guy stood there and handed me an ice cold beer. ‘Here, join the fun, get comfortable.’ He said. I took a good slug out of the beer bottle. My eyes had adjusted to the dim light. Holy shit! An eight guy orgy was taking place. I’d never seen such a fucking hot going on. I’ve told this story a few times and no one seems to believe it, but really guys, my jaw hit the fucking floor. The one guy in the jock strap was nude, he came up to me, ‘Hey, I know this is no shock to you man, I’ve seen you in here before and your rainbow stickers on your rig, I figured this party could use another hard cock, or hot ass, which ever you have to offer.’ He chuckled. I put down my beer, pulled off my clothes and joined the fun. First thing I had three guys around me. One sucking, one between my ass cheeks sucking my hole and the other kissing me. Just like in the fucking movies or something. Moans, sucking sounds, grunting sounds filled the room. In no fucking time I was bent over getting one hell of a rim job by two different guys, taking turns, I had a cock in my mouth and a mouth on my cock. Before long I was bent over the back of a chair with the two guys that ate my ass were taking turns fucking my hole. I was wide open and my hard cock was dripping cum like crazy. Hell, I tried to hold off as long as I could while the guys were fucking me, another guy joined in. Just the thought of what I was in the middle of, it was almost like a damn dream. A wet damn dream! One black guy out of the whole bunch walked over and planted his huge cock deep into my hole. He pumped a few hot and heavy thrust in me when I started shooting. I couldn’t even grab my cock quick enough to stroke on it. I came what felt like forever. As this black stud pumped me, streams of cum would pump out the end of my cock. I was spent in no fucking time. I ended back in my rig well fucked, waiting for the next morning to unload. I deliver there once every other month, and do my best to hook up with the fork lift driver. Oh yeah, did I mention that I get cock off the docks too? I’m looking for you guys, let’s play! Donnie D./CA.

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