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Naked Trucker Profile

Coast to coast driver ‘always’ looking for hot man to man action in any pickle park, truck stop or truck shop! Yes, I do mean truck shop. The best blow job I’ve ever gotten was from a tire man in Kingman, Arizona at the Petro Shop. Mechanics get horny too, you know. He kept rubbing his crotch to the point I ask him, ‘you got crabs or something?’ His reply, ‘I guess you could call is ‘something’ cause I really need to get off.’ Come to find out, we hooked up just several weeks prior to that in a rest area not far from the truck stop he works at. Tells a lot about me, huh? I’m not choosy when it comes to man sex, just have a hot mouth and a hard dick. I like to suck a cock too! Man to man play on the highways is really active, you just have to look for it, trust me, it’s there. Most guys that are not interested, I find turn their heads and go on down the road. Very few say anything. Oh, you get the usual bullies on the CB, but they are going to bully anybody they can. I call them ‘CB Rambos.’ Once they are out of the way, you can cruise, troll or what ever you want to call it, and pick someone up. I once picked up a hitchhiker headed back east. He didn’t have much money but offered me some ‘man relief,’ so he called it. ‘Sure, I enjoy a good hand job, blow job, what ever you are into.’ I told him. He first started stroking me with his softish hands, but ended up with his head in my lap as I drove across I-40 out of Barstow, California. That guy could suck a cock! He sucked me off twice before we got into Needles. I dumped some real man juice down that cock-suckers throat. Live on the road can be tough at times, but you can always count on a horny cruiser to keep you company and give you some much needed relief. Most of the ‘other’ truckers I have been with are married and just feel the need to squirt some cum. I’m sure for every one I’ve been with, there are millions that just jack off when that time cums. What a fucking waste. Once in my truck driving career have I been in one of those ‘bathroom’ orgies. Just like in the magazines or movies, it was unbelievable. Four large hairy type bears, two tall thin guys and four average Joe’s all in a group, naked, near the showers, sucking, fucking and jacking off. Five out of the ten stood back with huge hard-ons jacking off to the other five that were tangled up in a hot fuck/suck session. Of course, I was one that was fucking. Nothing like fucking a real man and watch him get off to the action. For all you pickle park hustlers, don’t give up, there are many of us horny truckers that need to get off, and someone is waiting right now. Glen G. Akron, Oh.

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