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Naked Trucker

Driving naked to some is taboo. It's natural to me. Of course being a nudist it comes easy. It's a rush to be nude all day and drive 600 plus miles, I might be seen but most likely not. When nature calls, day or night, and I have to pull over to piss, or even stretch my legs, I try not to be seen, however the exhibitionist in me encourages me otherwise. At night there are plenty of shadows to hide in, and just as much light to stand out in. I've been seen dozens of times on an off ramp walking around my rig, lots of times I get honked at, thumbs up and when I'm spotted at a truck stop I'm either ignored or joined. Late one night taking a nude stroll in the back lot of a truck stop, a guy walked up on me. Grabbed my cock and started playing with it. He ask if I played around, well, needless to say we had a good time in my sleeper. Another time a trucker was walking his dog and came up on me. We made small talk, I petted the pup, he mentioned it was a nice night for a stroll. That's as far as it went. Over all, my experience is, most people don't care if you're nude. It happens. Of course, I know when and where and how not to draw the wrong attention. But then again, the rush is fucking awesome. Keep up with my naked adventures on my Only Fans Page. Sharing my naked life as much as I can.

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