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Naked in the Pickle Park

So you don't get confused, a rest area is called a 'pickle park' by truck drivers because that's where a trucker can find a 'pickle licker' to suck is cock. Over the many years, it's also known as the 'lolly pop park' again, where you get your lolly pop licked. There are many ways to hustle trucker cock at the rest area, the better and safer rest areas are the parking areas without facilities. Modern day rest areas have much more parking lots, and updated facilities for traveling families and tourist. The non facility rest areas are a safer cruising ground because there is no security wondering around. Maybe a local sheriff drive by but that's about it. It's most active a night time, however weekends are very cock sucking productive at early evenings. I've seen guys in the back of the rest areas in the wooded part wonder around totally nude. I've even joined in an orgy or two with truckers and locals. Just a group of horny guys getting a nut together. If a truck driver isn't interested in such activity, they usually stay away. Very few, if any, are curiosity seekers. Most, if not all, know what they want and know how to get it. If I'm in that hook up mood when pulling into any rest area, I'm usually already nude, that's the way I travel, on long hauls of course, shorter hauls less that 200 miles isn't worth the pulling on and off clothes. If I'm lucky enough to find a cruiser or fellow trucker, game on. I love to give as much as I love to receive. I don't recommend knocking on trucker's doors late at night. They're bedded down for a reason, also a good way to get your ass whipped. It does happen, usually by female lot lizards looking to give up pussy for a few bucks to pay for their drug habit. They wake me up, usually get a surprise, my naked ass in the front seat of the truck. Pan handlers looking for a few bucks are no different. If it's a decent looking guy, well, what am I going to get in return? And it might go in my favor from there. Cost me a few bucks, but sucking on a fat cock at 3 in the morning might be worth it. Cruise safe, cruise often, horny truckers await! T.

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Wish there was a page to post good spots around the USA. Concord NC north bound rest area can be interesting at times. But also lots of trolls being to ballsy making regular folk call the state troopers. :(

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