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Naked in Nature

You can't get any closer to nature than being 'naked in nature.' A naked hike in the woods is good not only for the body, but the soul. You're a complete different human being when you are all natural, you feel vulnerable in a good way, if there is such a thing. Nudist are comfortable in their own skin, clothes make a character, nudity give you the feel of the real you. There's nothing to hide when you're nude, and it also feeds the true you. Hanging out naked all day is second naautre to me, at home, on road trips, at work when time allows (short trips and local work keep me in textiles all day) but longer hauls, night driving, secluded deliveries, oh boy! Love the naked feel. Some places I'm fortunate enough to deliver out in the country, secluded areas. When the time is right I take advantage of a short naked hike getting closer yet to nature. Question, have you, do you, go on naked hikes? Get close to nature? Doing some nude sun bathing in your back yard, to me, is getting closer to nauture too! Some of us are limited to when and where we can get naked and enjoy the naked life. If you've ever thought about it, DO IT! Get close to nauture and get naked. I'm sure there are some groups near you, nudist groups, resorts, etc. that offer nature trails that you can explore. So some local research, you'll be quite surprised at what you can find locally and get envolved. It's fun, you meet like minded people, and I promise you, it'll open up a whole nude world to you.

Have a story? Tell us about it. Email me I'll give you details how you can get your story published on my blog. Tim aka the Naked Trucker

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