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Naked Hitchhikers

Of course by now you know, I'm all about the nudity. Nothing like a nude beach, lake, boating, swimming, resorts, I frequent them all. I'm naked as often as I can be. I love the freedom, nudism first. Nudism is not about the sex, I just like being naked. I love sex as well and have been ask, 'why be nude when you're not going the hove sex?' It's the liberating freedom. I tell people all the time, get out of your comfort zone and learn something nude. Start by being at home, all day, naked. You'll be surprised. I've also have spent time at a 'family nudist resort.' Naked families. Nothing like the beauty of naked people in a nonsexual environment.

OK, enough said about that! Have you ever encountered a nude hitchhiker? Or maybe someone walking down the road nude? FYI, it's totally legal in the country of Spain to be nude in public. As long as it's nonsexual. Personally, I think it should be that way everywhere. Any way, have you ever? As far a a 'hitchhiker', no, I have not. HOWEVER, I have come upon a dude walking nude down the highway in my time. Once in broad daylight. I was working for a plumbing company, in my younger years, going from Brenham (my hometown) to Houston to pick up plumbing parts. Drove right past a naked guy walking in the same direction I was going, butt naked. Of course, you know me, I pulled over asking if he needed help or a ride? Needless to say, the guy was zoned out singing 'Marching to Zion' as he continued to march pass the truck. Great tanned body, might have been middle eastern, not sure. The second encounter, not long ago, in my big rig, just left Brenham going to Houston to load gas, around 2 in the morning. I crossed the Brazos River Bridge and to my surprise you young 30ish guy was totally naked, walking the same direction. Nice body, nice ass and seemed to be in a hurried sprint so to speak. Funny thing, I too was nude, wasn't going to put clothes on until I reached the plant in east Houston. I pulled over and the guy ran up to the truck, opened the passenger door, saw my naked ass and looked surprised. "Hey! You're naked!" he barked. And you know me, I replied, "pot calling the kettle black, right?" He laughed, got up into my truck, explained he was out with buddies drinking and just happened to lose a bet. His buddies were 'suppose' to stay with him as he walked a mile down the highway naked. Needless to say, they dropped him off and hauled ass. Nothing sexual, just two nude dudes going down the highway in a big rig. He ask why I was naked, I explained my nudism and he actually understood and really enjoyed the unexpected experience. Nothing sexual, BUT, i very well could have had a good time with my new nude friend.

I dropped him off in the next town near where he lived, he was so fucking sincere about me coming to his naked rescue, I told him to stay naked more often, it's more fun that way. Other than that, I've been seen more times than I can count from other motorist as I was on side of the highway stretching my legs, taking a piss, etc. Most honk, and I get a lot of thumbs up. Maybe one day I should take a hike down the 'Naked Highway.'

Post your comment or even experiences IF you have encountered a nude hiker or someone naked along the highways. If you have any questions, or would like to post on my blog, please, reach out to me at:

See my hiking videos, and much more, on my Only Fans Page HERE.

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