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Naked Graveyard

Who hasn't wanted to stroll around a graveyard nude? Sign me up! This final resting place for a couple dozen folks is off the beaten path, at a dead end road to be exact. Another quiet spot around the lake with little to no traffic, the perfect place to spend some quality time soaking up sun, strolling around reading tomb stones for those that have departed this life. Ever thought about it? I've read several stories about guys, late evenings, even after dark take naked strolls around a local cemetery to get their nude on. Think about it, very little traffic, if any. No one will bother you, and some pretty quiet people below the ground. I'm sure they don't mind. I've been here several times and have had some great photo shoots too. Have you ever wondered if anyone is buried nude? I would imagine, there are some 'die hard' nudist out here.

Question. Where's the weirdest place you've ever been nude? Or ever wanted to be? Have you hiked a cemetery? Send me your story, I'd love to post it on my blog.

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