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Naked Gardener

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

The best way to be close to nature is to be naked outside. At home I'm naked all the time, inside, outside, all about body positive and being as natural as I can be. As a nudist, my life is more nude than clothed. Yes, when at work, I'm clothed. Most gas plants frown on a nude dude doing his job. Wouldn't it be great to have no nudity laws? I'm all in. The more natural the better. Some countries it legal to walk about you daily life 'nude.' Imagine that! Monday was my back yard day, mowing, watering, enjoying life and all it's gifts. Want to see my back yard video? Check out my Only fans page and become a member today. Something nude and new everyday. Check it out! Please feel free to leave a comment and or a photo showing my (and everyone else) you nude 'outdoors'! Enjoy your Monday ~ stay naked!

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Jul 12, 2023
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