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Naked CB'er

I run all 48 states and some Canada. Of course, I’m a trucker and I don’t go anywhere without my CB. I have one in my pick up, at home, as well. The best part about being a horny trucker, looking for other truckers and good buddies is that you can always count on your CB to get the word out. You won’t score every time, but it sure if a lot safer. I pulled in a pickle park just outside of Knoxville, and a guy on the CB ask if any one wanted a blow job. No one answered him, he came back on and said that he was going to be on a different channel, if anyone changed their mind, give him a shout. I moved up to that channel, ‘yeah, I’m lookin.’ I said in the mic. The guy came back on, ‘where you at? Which truck?’ He ask. I told him what rig I was in, I got in the driver’s seat and waiting for my pickle park trick. About the time I got settled in the front seat, I heard a tap on the driver’s door. I looked down and saw this guy completely naked. Standing at my truck door, naked, looking to get in. It was kinda funny how there was no one else around at that moment. I opened the door and he crawled his naked ass on up in the rig. His cock was hard and balls were hanging. I pulled my shorts off and he dropped his head in my lap and started working on my cock. We were both naked in the front seat of my rig. As he worked my cock and balls I finally got him to the back. I lay with my legs apart and he in-between them working over my tool. He was on his knees jacking on his own rod. I shot my load all over his face and in his mouth. He shot his wad beneath him on the blankets. He kept sucking and my cock stayed hard. We moved around to where I was now sucking on his cock. The juice from his first load was still dripping out the head of his cock. We both worked each others cocks over real good, this guy could give a blow job. We finally worked up our next loads and together we both came in each others mouth. We lay in my bunk catching our breaths when I ask him about his showing up at my truck butt ass naked. He told me he usually ended up that way anyhow, so, he just as soon show up naked and get to business. ‘Well, it worked with me,’ I told him. ‘Oh, it’s not that easy all the time. I’ve been picked up twice and arrested for lewd conduct, I’ve been beat up twice, but managed to get away from the guys so I didn’t get hurt all that bad. I know I take a huge risk and not everyone can get away with it, but I’ve been at it for six years now, and get a hell of a lot of cock to suck. I even once sucked off a cop while he was on duty and in uniform, talk about a hot fucking cop cock.’ He told me. He also told me he learned his CB techniques from truckers he’s sucked off in the past. There are many ways to cruise with a CB, my naked friend knew his shit about cruising with a CB. He’s not the first guy that ever came up to my truck door in a pickle park butt naked, I’ve seen some weird shit in my day on the road. The guy left and I wished him luck on his next cock. I once ran into a cruiser in a rest area in Mississippi, had nothing on but army boots and a jock strap. When truckers drove in the rest area a spotted this guy, one of two things happened. The truckers ignored him, or he got a lot of cock to suck. It was really a hot scene, and the guy could suck a cock too! He didn’t use a CB, just his rugged looks and hot dressing. The naked CBer that I ran into, knew his stuff. Got hooked up on the radio with a hard cock, met them at the rig butt naked and ready to go. I’ve had a good buddy get in my truck and start small talk, in an hour, we were talking politics, work, all kinds of shit, never did get around to any action! Talk about ‘talk your way out of a blow job!’ So, when I get picked up or pick up some hot guy, I cut to the chase, let’s get naked and talk about it later. I’m not too much of an aggressive person on the CB, guys that know what they want and go after it, well, that’s the guys I’m looking for. I wait until I hear someone looking for action and then I follow up. If you think you are too shy for a radio, just wait and answer instead of ‘call out.’ The CB is like anything else, hit or miss. I’ve driven hundreds, even a few thousand miles before ever getting a little nibble out of someone looking to play. So, don’t think the CB is the answer to your cruising problems. It’s just a damn good tool! Every fucking trucker has one, think about it! I had a guy get in touch with me while parked at a pickle park in Virginia, he was on a base station not too far from the rest area, he ended up picking me up, going to his place, he cooked hamburgers, I showered did some laundry and had totally awesome sex with the guy the whole fucking time. He was one great host, let me tell ya. He told me he picked up truckers all the time, as a matter of fact he has guys coming back again and again. When he’s home, he fires up his base station and treats those truckers right. I too have been back several times, and the sex is just a great as the last time. Now there is a thing or two you want to know about CB cruising, naked or not. In some areas, ‘cops’ have CB’s too, and they use them. Of course, they use them for entrapment, so, have a lawyer that knows his shit, you won’t have any problem, the only draw back can be they will harass you. If you have ‘any’ question at all, to yourself, about a guy you might be picking up or sucking his cock, if it’s a guy that really wants you lips on his shaft, ask him how big his cock is, and if his balls are hairy. If it’s a trucker that knows what you want, he’ll answer with pride. If it’s someone up to foolishness, usually will get discussed and go away. I’ve come across a few guys that said some really nasty stuff, but they were in their truck, I was in mine and we didn’t even know which trucks each other were in. Just words and idiots have opinions too! Be cool with your CB cruising, don’t get too anxious, nor harass anyone, take your time, and have fun. I once picked up a guy in the truck yard for the company I drive for. We hooked up on the CB believe it or not. We got each other off six times that night, it was a real hot time. We hadn’t had any sex for a few days an we made up for lost time right there. We still today cross paths and catch up on some old fashion butt fucking. CBs, they way to cruise on the road. Cruisers, get one, you’ll be surprised at all the hard cock you can get. I actually have two CB’s, I carry a spare just in case the main one decides to go out on me. Always be prepared. Get a CB tonight guys, you just never know where this horny trucker is gonna lay over! Donnie R. Cedar Rapids, IA. 

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