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Naked at Work

Since it's getting close to winter time in Texas, cooler nights are almost promised when the sun goes down. However, it's not that cold all the time, so let the nudity continue. I have the privilage to drive and sometimes work in the nude. Being a nudist, I take advantage every chance I get. For no other reason than I love to be naked. Beaches, resorts, clothing optional groups, I'm all about it. Naked people have fewer hang ups, more friendly, it's just an all around great time. Of course, being a gay man I do frequent gay resorts that are clothing optional, and I'm a member of a family nudist resort not far from my home. When weather and time permits I take nude hikes, nude boating, kayaking, and I love nude fishing. Something about that lake air swirling around my nude body. I'm sure you've seen previous post about my hikes and hanging out around the lake, it's not clothing optional areas I go, but I make it work for me. Have I been caught? Not yet! I have been walked up on at the truck stops, but that time of night, no one seems to care. I get ask all the time about driving nude, not against the law unless someone can see you. I"m so use to it, when I take road trips in my jeep, I'm naked as well. Of course my windows are tinted, that helps. So my questions is, have you ever had the chance to work in the nude? Or do you work around your home nude? Guess I'm trying to call out all the nudist here on the site, if you have something to share, please email me, everyone likes a good story. And don't be shy! Get out, get naked, and enjoy youself, it's a feeling of total freedom.

Tim aka Naked Trucker

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Hey, sexy. I'm new to the site and loving it.

I'm getting back into nudism after many years. My ex "didn't approve ".

But he's history now.

And look! So are my clothes! 😛


You Go Boy!! Be you! As i always say... One Life, Live It!! If not now, when? You're off to a great start, shuck those clothes every chance you get, you're smart enough to know when and where, and a great big naked hug for enjoying the site. IF you'd like to share your story, just let me know, we can work together on it, I'm sure my readers (like you) will love it. Hit me up at

Stay naked!! Tim

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