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Naked at the Lake

It's always fun cruising around the lake, especially when it's a weekday and no one's around. There's a quiet place on the back side of the lake called 'Iron Bridge'. An unincorporated area with no facilities, however camping, fishing and boating is allowed. Weekend warriors frequent the place, families, fishermen and the like. During the week it's really a nice quiet place to be, and a great place to get your nude on. I come here quiet often, and I'll have more pics to post later. Tubing, kayaking, all in the nude, seldom anyone sees me. A great place to tan too! Do you have a private place to hike? Swim? Or hang out nude? Share your story, pics too, here on my blog. Nothing like sharing hot spots with fellow nudist. Get out into nauture. Get naked and set yourself free. See more pics & my video clip on my Only Fans Page.

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