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Naked at Home/Work

Always nude. My life. Nothing like a few days off from the road, at home, catching up with chores. Lord knows I've go plenty to do. From taking care of the kids (one poodle, two cats) to yard work, my Oasis, fish tank, plus house stuff, it's everything I work so hard, on the road for. Of course, I have my risky fun times, nude hikes in local woods, driving around naked, etc. That's what nudist do. Always naked at home, and as much as possible at work. Currently, on this post, I'm loading tonight headed to my triweekly run to South Carolina, 1100 naked miles, unless I fuel of course. And for those of you that continually ask, 'what if you get pulled over?' I have some quick pull on shorts. 'I'm not stupid.' Act like it, but not. Life is good. Better naked. I spent some time in Eutaw, Alabama last week, had to take a 34 hour break, to my surprise there is a All Male Gay Resort in the area, "Wildwoods Hideaway" an amazing place hidden in the Alabama pines, a place you need to put on your bullet list. Owned by two truckers, an awesome place, RV hook ups, cabins, and b&b set ups. Bar, food, two pools, two hot tubs, a great place to meet great people. It will be on my list for places to visit and stay from now on. I parked the rig at the Loves on I-20, David picked me up Saturday morning, and brought me back Sunday. Awesome time! Clothing optional, I was nude the entire time, of course.

You find you entertainment 'on the road' when ever, where ever you can. If it's nude, I'm all about it! If you happen to be a traveler and are in that area, look it up, go check it out. Tell'em I sent ya! Check out my Only Fans page for my naked 'on the road' activities and kinks. Something for every one. ~ Stay naked!

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Oct 12, 2023

Now that’s a beautiful hard cock!

Dec 14, 2023
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