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My First Trucker

Just a few years ago, I got up enough nerve to cruise a rest area. Shaking like some kind of freak, I managed to get the attention of one hot looking guy driving a truck for J.H. Rose Truck Line. I was parked just in front of where the trucks pull in and park. If drivers go to the rest room facilities, they have to walk right past my car. The driver for the J.H. Rose truck got out, shirtless, mid 30’s, cut off jeans and a tan from hell. No six pack, just an average looking man. Built and looks. He had one hell of a package or was smuggling some drugs in his pants to the rest room. He had on a pair of tennis shoes, and the cut off jeans were stuck up in the crack of his ass. Shirtless, he walked around his truck bumping the tires. Checking for flats is what I figured. He walked back around, looking around seeing what was going on in the rest area. He shut his truck door and walked right towards my car. I had my cock in my hand, playing with my hard on. His package was still thick and full. He walked by and grabbed at his crotch as he looked down into my car. I almost zipped up and left, but my need for man to man contact kept me right in place. He went into the rest room looking back at me as if he wanted to hook up. I sat in the care and waited. Five, ten, fifteen minutes went by. The driver came back out of the rest room and walked by. He paused as he came by my car and said, ‘my truck door is open if you are interested.’ He walked on to his truck. Opened his door and climbed in. Only to disappear in his rig. I sat there for a few minutes. My heart was pounding like crazy. I wasn’t sure I could get out of the car with my cock as hard as it was. I finally quit making excuses, and went over to the drivers truck. The passenger door was open, I got in. I pulled the curtain open and there laid the driver. Butt ass naked with one leg up and the other laid down. His hard cock and huge purple head was sticking straight up in the air. His balls were shaved and hanging between his legs. Without a word, I stripped my clothes off and dropped down on his cock. I jacked on my cock as I sucked his. His pre-cum was thick and really running out of the head of his cock. The slit on the head was huge. I’ve never seen such a huge opening on a cock head. I tongued it and he really like that. I sucked up and down the shaft of his huge cock, right down to the shaved full hard balls. I licked under his balls to his ass hole. He pulled both of his legs back and let me tongue that moist hole of his. His cock was getting harder and harder. His balls were huge and full of man juice. I could hardly take his huge cock down my throat. The whole time I was sucking his man meat, his pre-cum was so fucking thick, I thought he was actually cuming the whole time. I had a full meal of cum while I sucked on this sweet tasting cock. He pushed me back and pulled my legs back. I was so into this guy, he could have cut my throat and I would not have cared. He reached down and played with my fuck hole. He licked it with his hard tongue and made me want to cum in a real bad way. He got up and positioned himself to fuck my man hole. He pressed his cock head against my hole and pushed. He shoved that huge mother fucker deep inside my guts. I could feel the head all the way down my tunnel. I was much in love with this feeling and this unknown man. His rhythm got faster and faster and he was pounding my ass like a fucking jack hammer. It was fucking wild. My juices in my balls were boiling and begging to shoot out the head of my fuck pole. He kept pounding and pounding and with sweat dropping off his face into mine, he ask, ‘can I shoot this big fuck load up your ass?’ I replied with much joy in my voice, ‘Fuck Yeah Man, Fuck Yeah!!’ He pressed his lips against mine and I could feel that hot jism fill my bowels. It felt like a fire hose spraying man juice all inside of me. He bucked a few more times and pulled out and laid over. He was down for the count. I got up, cleaned up and left the driver in his ‘after glow.’ I drove myself home and jacked my meat off six times that night. That was my ‘first’ driver. Since, I’ve had many! I’ll tell more next time. Jerry.

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