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My First Glory HOle

I’ll never forget the first time I had my cock sucked through a hole in the wall. I drove locally for my home town. I delivered lumber, and in a town of 6 or 7 thousand, you pretty well know a lot of people. I’ve played around with a few guys, I was picked up at a pickle park just up the highway once, this guy sucked me dry twice. One time a local married guy and I hooked up late one night in the Wal-Mart parking lot, that was the first time I was ever fucked in the ass. He was a hot fucker, but his wife was a freaking nut case. He finally moved away, I miss his hard cock up my ass. Well, I was sent out of town with a load of special cut lumber and had to go through a major city. I got to my delivery point early, the guys there were great, they unloaded me and I was out of there in record time. So that gave me some time to kill on my way back home. I had passed a book store on my way through town, looked like it had truck parking, and it was next to a Dennys restaurant. I parked, went in and looked around. Peep shows in the back, looked safe enough for a first timer, so, I paid the 6 bucks and went to the back. It was dark, cigarette smoke filled the air, I found a booth, got in it and locked the door. I couldn’t see who all was in the back, but there were several guys standing around and a few booths occupied by others. As my eyes got use to the dark, I clicked through the channels and found a show with a guy corn holing this twink like there was no tomorrow. I pulled my hard cock out and stroked it to the movie. I heard a kissing sound from the side of me. I looked over to my right and there was a hole in the wall and a guy’s mouth up to the wall making sounds to get my attention. Wow! I thought. My heart raced and at first it scared the fuck out of me. He put two fingers through the hole and then he put his mouth back up to the hole. It took me a few minutes to figure all this out, but the guy wanted me to slip my hard cock through the hole so he could suck it. I know, I know, it was my first time to experience a glory hole. It took some courage for me to stick my cock in the hole, but I finally did. The guy engulfed my cock. His suction pulled me right up to the wall. It felt like I had put my cock in a vacuum cleaner. That son of a bitch could suck a cock. In no fucking time my balls tightened up and I felt my cum working it’s way to freedom. I held back as long as I could. Not sure if this guy swallowed or not, but I unloaded one hell of a huge man juice load down his throat. Ready or not, here it cums! I could feel gobs of my juice jolt out the head of my cock. The cock sucker on the other side of the wall took all of my man juice I had to offer. I was done cuming, but my cock was still hard. I pulled my drained cock back and sat back down. I looked back at the screen, catching my breath and composure. I looked back at the hole and a huge cock came through. Uncut, every bit of 8 fat inches with a large drip of pre-cum hanging on the end of the huge slit showing through the fat skin around the head. Damn, my cock was still hard and I had a treat looking up at me. I kept my cock out, as a matter of fact, I pulled my pants off. I had my work t-shirt on and work boots, but no pants. That way I could squat down, stroke my cock and play with my hot hole while sucking an anonymous cock. A little reserve, I stroked the guy’s cock several times, I pulled the thick foreskin back and exposed that huge mushroom head. Without thinking about it, I took as much of that huge cock in my mouth and down my throat. I sucked up and down the shaft, I even chewed on the foreskin a little bit from time to time as I sucked on this manly tasting cock. I could taste the gobs of pre-cum in my mouth. My cock never went soft, and in no  time I wanted to shoot some more juice myself. I pulled on the cock and sucked it. His cock head was dark purple and pre-cum kept dribbling out of it. I had a grip on that monster with one hand and jacking my stiff rod with the other. The wall between us was rocking and shaking from the action between my mouth and his cock. I could hear his balls slapping the wall. His cock was so long and so thick, my face couldn’t even get close to the wall. The guys out in the hall were standing around our booth doors, they could hear my sucking and his heavy breathing. I could hear an occasional pull on the door knob, guys trying to come in and join, I suppose. I took the thick cock deep down my throat about the time he started shooting his man juice. I just about drowned in his cum. It shot a huge load right at first and then many short squirts behind it. Too many to have counted. His cum was really thick, took some work to get it all down, but I did. Some dripped down my chin and onto my t-shirt. My cock was waving around in the air between my legs while I sucked the rest of the cum out of the head. He went limp real quick and pulled out. I sat back up in the chair and cleaned myself up a bit. I looked at the screen to see two leather men fucking each other. My cock still hard, I caught my breath and wanted to get off one more time. The booth next to me had another guy in it. I leaned over to see who was in it when my eye was met with yet another hard cock. The head was large but the shaft was narrow. It came at me like a freight train out of a tunnel. I opened my mouth and took the large headed cock in. I sucked on this second catch with all I had. This was fucking great! And the best fucking part was I didn’t even know who’s cock it was. I could stay here all fucking day and night. I sucked this guy for fifteen minutes, he pulled out and whispered to put my ass up to the hole. I stood up, pulled my cheeks apart and placed my smooth ass up to the hole. His tongue was magical. He licked my hole, and even spit on it there in the dark of the booth. I pressed my ass up against the hole, he quit licking and started pressing his cock head, that fat cock head, to my ass. He must of had some lube or something, it was warm and slick, real slick. He pressed his cock to my hole, my ass opened up to receive this cock wanting to fuck my ass. In no time I was pushing may ass up against the wall to want more. He pumped my ass and fucked me real good and in no time he was dumping his man load up my ass. He went limp and pulled out. I shot my second load all over the floor in front of me. Gory holes, man, what a way to have great sex, with no fucking strings. I still frequent the place often, like twice a week often. Get all I can handle too! Jerry J. Dawson, Iowa

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