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My First G-Hole

No shit, I was thirty before I found out what a Glory Hole was and what it was all about. Actually, I’ve always have seen them in various porn shops I have visited, but never had the nerve to do anything. At the time I was married and deep in the closet. I had fantasies about getting it on with a guy or two, but never, ever thought that day would come true. My then wife had a baby shower on a Saturday morning. It wasn’t far from my parents home, so, as she and a few other girls went to the shower, I visited with my mom and dad. I took a ride and went right for the nearest book store that I knew had videos. I had a six pack to get my nerve up, drank them down and went on in. I  got change and went to the back. It was real dark, I could not only feel my heart race, I could hear it! Fuck, I thought I was gonna have a damn heart attack or something. There were dark images lurking around, made the place spooky, so I ducked in the first booth I came to. Locked the door, put in some coins and clicked through the channels they had to offer. Yearning for that man on man sex, I stopped at the first gay video playing. These two rugged hairy guys were going to town in a 69 position. My cock stood right up at the first glance of two naked men. As my eyes adjusted to the dark of the booth, and watching the bright TV set, I pulled my cock out of my jeans. Not paying much attention, but I kept hearing a kissing sound, like someone sucks a kiss calling a dog. I looked down and there was a set of lips, with a mustache, covering the mid-waste high hole. I froze. I fucking froze! My cock twitched and I just about shot all over myself. I gathered my half drunk thoughts and stroked my cock and watched the video. The guy on the other side kept making that kissing sound, trying to get my attention. Precum was dribbling out the slit on the head of my cock. I was watching two guys suck each other and thinking I could shove my cock in that hole and have a real guy finally suck my cock. My fantasy would be reality. I put in more coins and kept stroking my rock hard cock. My heart started racing again, and I wanted so fucking bad to stick my dick in that guys mouth. I dropped my pants, stood up and walked over to the glory hole. The guy backed up just a little bit and opened his mouth wide. I shoved my cock through the hole and into the mysterious guy’s mouth. He took as much of my shaft as I could get in the hole. I was all the way up against the wall. He was cleaning my pole with is lips and tongue. Damn! I could feel my cum working around in my nuts and pressure building in my prostate. I pulled out to give the guy a break, he whispered, ‘turn around, I want to eat your ass.’ I turned around, with my hard cock waving in the wind, I bent over and matched my ass hole to the hole in the wall. With my hands, I pulled my ass cheeks apart to give this guy full access to my hot ass. His tongue went up inside my wet hole. He tongue fucked me so fucking good, I just about came without touching myself. I was getting real close to cuming when I felt a wet slick something press up against my hole. The guy had greased up his cock and was wanting to fuck my virgin hole. Hell, I was a virgin all the way around. I was so fucking shocked, I pushed up against the wall and let him gently push his cock in my hole. I hurt for a few seconds, but he worked his straight round shaft in and out of my hole like a pro. He made fucking my for the first time a real pleasure. I stepped out of my jeans and spread my legs wide and jacked on my cock. With the thoughts of what was happening run through my mind, I shot a huge load right there on the video booth floor. I shot a stream of cum every time his cock went deep into my hole. When I got back to my parents house I went to the bathroom and shot off two more times. It took weeks for the soreness in my asshole to go away. I’m a driver now, looking for all the glory holes I can find!

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