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Motel Romp

The company I run for lays me over twice a week. They pay for the motel and give me fifty bucks to boot. Not too bad, I’d rather be running down the highway, but what the fuck. It’s a good job and they take good care of us drivers. I dropped my empty trailer at the terminal, my loaded trailer wouldn’t be ready until the next morning. Off to the motel I went. I parked the rig in their large parking lot and made my way to the check in desk. The lady at the desk had my key ready. I noticed three or four drivers in the kitchen area of the motel drinking coffee talking shop. ‘Hey guys, how’s it hangin?’ I said to them as I walked by. ‘It’s hangin!’ One replied. I got to my room, turned on the tv, stepped out of my clothes and took a quick shower. After I relaxed I made my way back out to the rig to get some grub in my ice chest. As I walked by the pool, the same drivers were setting out by the pool drinking a few beers. ‘Hey, come join us if you like, we have few left.’ One offered. I couldn’t refuse. ‘Sure, don’t mind if I do.’ All six drivers were from the same company. I recognized two, first time to meet the others. As we knocked a few back, it seemed I had seen one of the guys once before, but just couldn’t place the guy. He too, kept a funny eye on me. After my third beer, it hit me. I’d gave that guy a blow job in a rest area, or truck stop, can’t remember where, but I do remember the guy. If I wasn’t mistaken, he had a tattoo on his cock too. Finally the beer ran out and the guys started going to their rooms to get some sleep. I got up and the guy I thought I remembered followed me on in when he ask, ‘haven’t we met before?’ I had enough beer in me to reply, ‘you got a tattoo on your cock?’ ‘Sure do, you’ve seen it before?’ He replied. ‘You don’t remember? I’d like to see it again.’ I opened the door, we both walked in. He dropped his pants and there hung that mule dick with the tattoo on it. ‘You want some more of it?’ He ask. I dropped to the floor and took the half hard meat into my mouth. I sucked on it and played with his big balls and grabbed his ass cheeks. His cock was swelling up in record time. I took the cock down my throat and spit it out. I worked it over as I took my clothes off. He stepped out of his pants and stripped his shirt. His hands on the back of my head, my hands on his firm ass cheeks, I kept sucking. I spit out that hard cock and we made our way to the bed. He pushed me down and started sucking on my hard cock. I was so fucking turned on I couldn’t hardly hold back cuming. In his deep voice he ask, ‘you want this tattooed cock up your ass?’ He got on top of me and gave me a hard deep kiss. His hard tongue was in my mouth. I just about lost my breath. He leaned back and turned me over and pulled my ass up. He spread my ass cheeks and started eating my ass out. My puckered hole hadn’t seen this much attention in a long fucking while. He spit on my hole. I could feel his hot saliva wad hit my puckered hole. His tongue dove right back in. It took a little while, but his ass eating had my hole begging for that cock. He spit again and again and drove that spit up my ass with his stiff tongue. I was ready. He stood up behind me and worked his hard thick tattooed cock up my fuck hole. It had been a while and I’d forgotten how good it felt to have a real man inside of my ass. He worked his hard cock in and out. He sat back a little and spit again on his cock as it worked in and out of my man hole. I was being fucked by one of the best. His huge cock swelled up that much more in my ass. My hole was really stretched out by this time. I could take a freight train by now. He pushed me all the way down on my stomach and his hips went into action. He pounded my ass with his cock. He kept a fast rhythm as he stabbed my ass hole with his hard man tool. He said in my ear, ‘spread those legs, I’m gonna leave my cum in you, spread ‘em real wide.’ I did as he said. My nuts were about to fucking burst! He started cuming inside of me. He moaned loud enough I’m sure anyone in the hallway could hear. He pulled out of my cum filled ass and flipped me over. My cock instantly started spewing my cum. He dropped his open mouth over my cock and caught most of my spurting juice. What a fucking night. I still look for him on the road and when I’m laid over. My ass is ready for another romp with that trucker. JK

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