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Montana Action ~

This is what I'm talking about. Website member that's not all about the bull shit! Posted his pics, post his info, he's looking for action. And what a photo spread! I receive a lot of emails, messages from you guys, 'I'm not having any luck!!' First off, It's a FREE SITE. Second, and I've only said this a hundred times ' You get out of it what YOU put into it.' Post pics! Post information! Post contact info!' How hard can that be? This snow man knows what it takes. Bet he's getting more action that you, and he's in Montana Whoop!! Bitches!!

Want to be a 'blog feature?' Have story to share? Photos to share? Let me know. I'd love to have you featured on my blog. I can't unless YOU step up to the plate. Don't be shy. Tim.

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