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Me and My CB

Hooking up with a CB brings great cock!

If you don’t have a CB for cruising, go get one. It’s the best damn thing I’ve spent money on in a long time. I live in a great spot for cruising truckers. Central Illinois has always produced great cruising. I have three rest areas within a 50 mile radius, four large truck stops and some warehouses where truckers deliver day to day. The best way into the cab of a truck, is with a CB radio. You’ve seen that written many times in your publication, and it’s the truth! On my way to work early one morning, I heard a trucker call out for some local information. I called back to him, ‘go ahead driver, I’ll try to help.’ Sure enough, he was trying to find his way into one of the local warehouses near my work. I told the eager driver how to get in and the easiest way from there back out to the interstate when he was done. We chatted, he was very appreciative and he ask me where, from there, was a good place for breakfast. I told him there wasn’t many places around the delivery point, but I could drop by and take him to the local restaurant if he had time. I found the driver backed up to the dock, he had a few hours before he got unloaded. A tall, well built younger guy got out of his truck and slipped into my pick up. We made some talk and I found out he was gonna lay over that night. ‘Where’s a good place a horny guy could get some cheap pussy?’ He ask. It kinda floored me at first, I looked at him and said, ‘you don’t want any of these whores around here, you could catch something.’ We both laughed. ‘Guess I’ll have to depend on my porn movies and my right hand, huh?’ He replied. Again, I was floored. ‘Well, if it’s a helpful hand you need, I can assist.’ I offered him. What was he gonna do? We were five miles from his truck. ‘Yeah, I’ve gotten off with guys before, been a while, won’t hurt, you swallow?’ He ask. In the back of my mind I wanted to say, I swallow, suck, fuck, what ever you want, but I figured I’d show him. We ate, talked a lot about sex, with men and women and made our way back to the truck. I had to call my job and tell them I was running late, I’d be there before noon. Little did they know or I knew, I wouldn’t be in at all that day. I got the driver back to his truck and he got out. ‘You coming to handle my load?’ He ask. I parked in the warehouse parking lot and got into his truck. We talked another 30 minutes or so, I was so fucking horned up, I just started taking my clothes off. He did the same. A real nice hairy guy, mid 30’s and an average cock with large balls stood before me in the bunk of his Peterbilt Truck. I dropped down and started sucking on that meat of his. He had little precum that was real sweet to the taste. He held the back of my head as I sucked on his thick manhood. I was naked, stroking my cock as I knelt before him. I could feel my ass cheeks spread by the position I was in. I fingered my hole and jacked my cock as he faced fucked me with his hard shaft. He shot his heavy thick load right away, and yes, I swallowed. I stood up, actually ready to leave, and he squat down and sucked on my rock hard fuck pole. His suction was out of this world. In no time I was spewing hot cum down his throat, and he too, swallows. As he sucked my cock, he was playing with my ass. I have a shaved cock/balls and asshole. He told me that I looked so clean and inviting, and do I take it up the ass. ‘Sure do, you want to fuck the best piece of ass in Illinois?’ I ask him. He lay back on the bunk and I started sucking his half hard cock. In no time I had his flag pole standing straight up. His cock has a slight curve to the left, I couldn’t wait to get that shaft up my ass. I sucked on his cock, and it was great tasting, for an hour. He pushed me back and told me he wanted my ass. With his cock really wet from my sucking, he pushed me on my back and pushed my legs back and let them rest on his shoulders. My hot ass was wide open and ready for some man to man action. He spit on the crack of my ass and placed his cock head on the hole. He massaged his cock head on my wet hole. He worked in the head and took his gental time working that hard cock inside me. As he drove it to the base, I could feel his balls slap against my back side, I was in heaven. He took his time and long stroked my ass. I could hardly touch my cock in fear of shooting too fucking early. He fucked me like this for a while. It felt so fucking good, I didn’t want him to stop. He pulled out and turned me over. On all fours, he fucked me like a damn dog. He drove that cock deep inside of me and really worked me over. His breath was getting heaverier and heavier and he bread my ass. I could feel his cock swelling up a bit more as he dumped his baby dough inside of me. I had my hand on my cock and shot at the same time all over the sheets beneath me. It was fucking awesome. We laid around inside of his truck until a knock came on the door. It  was the fork lift driver ready to unload his truck. To cut to the chase, he spent the night with me and fucked me three more times. The last time was wilder than the first. He didn’t take it up the ass, but he sure loved his ass to be rimmed. I rimmed his ass for hours on end and loved it! That was the first time I had that long with a guy much less a trucker. We spent hours on end, getting off that night and next morning. I took him back to his truck and since, we have hooked up a couple of times, and each time is even better. One night I was all horned up and would had sucked a dick off a horse if I could have found one. I went up to the nearest pickle park and sucked off two drivers that evening. All picked up from my CB. I had one driver, with his wife in the bunk, crawl into my pickup and we gave each other a hand job. He wasn’t into sucking or getting sucked, he just wanted to get off. I obliged. He shot a huge load all over my hand and his pants, I licked what I could off my hand and cleaned up his pants for him. I’ve met other trucker cruisers in pickle parks and even truck stops, and passed along my luck with a CB. Hell, I should be a salesman for Cobra. Each one of those guys now have CB’s and give me a little competition. Hell, there is plenty of cock to go around for all of us. Cruising the truck stop with a CB is a little bit harder. If you have a CB and know what I’m talking about, the radio traffic around a truck stop is really crazy. You have to work it, and work it hard. But it pays off. I love to compete with the lot lizards. They too, have CB’s or sometimes when they get done with a trucker, they will use his CB to call up the next ‘victim.’ Sorry guys, if you fuck some of those girls, well, you are taking your life in your own hands! Most of them are on crack, meth or some kind of addiction. Be careful with the lot lizards. (Female prostitutes) Just a word of caution in case you are bi or just need to get off with someone. CB’s, the way to cruise truckers, trust me, I get my share. Randy K.       IL. Cruiser.

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