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Las Vegas Hoe Down

Trucker Action at it's best

I have been a coast to coast driver for 10 years now. I have driven just about every highway in the country and a few in Canada. I have had some wild times on the road and have met some hot mother fuckers. My favorite is meeting guys in rest areas. Most of the guys are married and want the taste of hot man sex. Hell, who doesn’t! Well, I had to send this story in, it may be too long, you can shorten it if you need to, but it was a wet, wild week headed out of LA to New Castle, Pa. I was so fucked down when I got there, I had to take a day off to recoup! It all started when I got a load of paper cups out of City of Industries, Ca. (Los Angeles area). I loaded on Friday and had to deliver on Wednesday, hell, had plenty of time to get there. I left out of California on I-15 headed to Vegas, I had to fuel in Barstow, so I grabbed a sandwich there with plans to stop in Vegas to play some slots. As I fueled in Barstow, I noticed a guy going from truck to truck either bumming a few bucks or looking for a ride. He had on some tight jeans, he looked a little on the ragged side, but outside that, it would be a challenge to see if I could get those jeans off. It was Friday after noon, and the truck stop was quite busy. Guess everyone wanted to get on the road for the weekend. I pulled the truck up from the fuel island and noticed the guy had snagged him a ride. Oh well, I thought, maybe later. I went in, paid for fuel and grabbed a subway sandwich, chips, and a drink. As I made my way back out to the truck the hitchhiker approached me for a ride. ‘What way you going trucker?’ He asked. ‘Well, I’m headed to Pennsylvania, but my next stop is in Vegas. How far you looking to go?’ I replied. ‘Well, I’m headed to Salt Lake City, but will take the ride to Vegas and catch another if you are willing to take me there.’ He said. ‘Hell, come on, I’d like the company any way. No problem.’ I told him. As he turned and grabbed his back pack, he bent over and there was a worn tear in the ass of his jeans. The guy had no underwear on (who does?) and had a sweet looking hairy ass. Maybe it was a cheap way to advertise, not sure, but I will damn sure find out! We got into the truck and I offered to share my sandwich with him. I was too excited to eat all of it, I had my hard cock on my mind and his hot ass. We shared the sandwich as we went on down the highway. We had about 150 miles or so before we got to Vegas, so, I had several hours to see if I could get a shot of this guy naked in my bunk. We made small talk as we went on down the road. He was coming up from San Diego to meet up with a buddy in Salt Lake. Well, we got on the subject about California girls, pussy, you know the straight bullshit, and I noticed his crotch area growing, and he kept shifting in his seat.  ‘I hadn’t shot a nut in a pretty good while,’ he confessed to me. ‘Well,’ I replied, ‘I gotta get off at least once a day. I’m horny all the time.’ He looked at me, ‘what, you jack off when you ain’t got a girl.’ He said. ‘Hell, my right hand and sometimes my left hand are the best lay I ever had.’ I said as I giggled a bit. He laughed at me and grew silent. ‘Maybe you can loan me one of your hands to get me off, huh?’ He said nervously. ‘Well, there is a pull off a few miles ahead, maybe we can get each other off, since it’s been a while for you.’ I ask him. ‘Hell, it’s been so long, I’m already hard!’ He said. I pulled the truck over in rest area before Vegas, he had already got into the bunk and shucked his pants. As I pulled the brakes and looked back into the bunk, he has there, naked, with a huge cock looking straight up. Wow! I thought. As I stood up and pulled my shorts down, I ask him, ‘damn, looks like you are ready for action?’ He leaned back on his elbows, his cock standing straight up, his balls hanging low. They were round, and full. Funny, his nuts were shaved and his bush was neatly trimmed. ‘Ever got off with a guy?’ I ask. He replied, ‘several times, it was hot, for a while I just did guys, my friend I’m meeting in Salt Lake claims to be BI, and we fool around when we meet up, no big deal with me, I just like getting off with other people.’ I ask him, ‘how far do you go? You know, you like to fuck a guy, get fucked?’ ‘Oh, you mean get fucked by a guy, I’ve done that on occasions, why? You looking for a hot hole?’ He said. My cock fell out of my shorts and stared him right in the face. He sat up, grabbed the base and deep throated it right then and there. I had precum dripping out the head already. Fuck, he could suck a rod, let me tell you. He was lightly hairy all over his chest and his legs were covered with dark black hair. His cock was beautiful, with a big head. He sucked on my cock for a little bit, I pushed him back and we got into the 69 position. This was wild. It was still daylight out, I left the curtains open, and we sucked on each other for a little while, when all of a sudden I could feel his cock swell and a thick salty jet of cum squirted out the big round head. Several huge squirts filled my mouth. I swallowed the huge load down my throat. It was such a turn on, I too, shot a big load of jism in his hot mouth. We sat up in the bunk and caught our breaths. His nice large cock didn’t even go soft, and the looks of that hairy ass, that I had my hot tongue on had my cock ready for a second round. He looked at me and ask if I wanted some ass, I didn’t say a word, we both spun around, I was between his legs, I pulled them back and saw that hot, tight, hairy hole look back at me. I had a pump bottle of lube handy, I got a palm full jacked on my rock hard cock and forced the head into his hole. His eyes got real large looking at me, ‘oh holy fuck, that hurts so fucking good!’ he moaned. It took a few minutes but I buried my cock all the way to the hilt in his hot hole. It had a manly grip on my shaft. I began to pump his ass slowly and worked up to a fast pump. He begged for more. He jacked on his hard cock and fast as I fucked his ass. The bunk of my truck was filling up with the smell of hot man sex. My balls were slapping against his back side. We fucked for what seemed like an hour, his hole was well worn, he gasp for air when all of a sudden his cock shot a huge stream of cum up towards his face. I was leaned over far enough for it to hit the bottom of my chin. I could feel the jism shooting up my shaft and deep into his bowels. As I kept pumping I kept shooting. I dumped a huge load of man juice in his ass. When I got done shooting, I clasped on top of him. We lay there breathing like we just ran a marathon. I pulled my half hard cock out of his ass and jism ran out right behind it. ‘Man, you sure know how to fuck!’ he said between breaths. ‘That’s a nice tight hole, great for fucking.’ I replied. We sat up and had a couple of sodas and talked about guys we had done. ‘Being on the road it’s easy to pick up guys,’ I told him. ‘Yeah, I’m one of those easy pick ups, I love riding with truckers, they are the best fucks!’ he confessed. We gathered our thoughts, and made our way into Vegas, I pulled into a large casino that had truck parking. I never got his name, he hopped out of the truck and said his thanks, and hoped to catch me again sometime, before I could tell him he could ride further, and we could play some more, he wondered on through the parking lot of trucks. Humm, I thought to myself, what a great fuck, sorry to see him go. I had no luck at the casino, it took about three hours of playing nickel and quarter slots to loose my $20 worth of mad money. I took a nap in the truck and headed on out around 3 in the morning. I made it all the way to Grand Junction, Colorado before fueling. I pulled into the truck stop, fueled, got a shower, some breakfast and took a short break. Not bad for a 780 mile trip, one good blow job and a good fuck, wonder what else lies down the road. As I lay in the bunk, taking a short nap before heading towards Denver, I could hear some activity on the CB. So, I turned it up a little to entertain me. I kept hearing a clicking sound, you know, the kind like someone was cruising the radio for some Trucker Cock! I clicked back for fun, then I heard a low voice, ‘channel 33, go to channel 33, bj.’ So I turned the knob to channel 33. ‘You there?’ I heard the soft voice again. ‘Yeah, I’m here, what cha looking for?’ I replied. ‘A nice hard cock to suck on, you got one?’ the voice came back. Humm, I thought. I pulled my cock out of my shorts, the thought of another blow job make it stiffen up, somewhat. I keyed the mic, ‘yeah, I got a large stiff cock and full balls, you want to suck it? Where are you at?’ I said. ‘Out front, in a pick up, can I meet you in your truck?’ He ask. I told him where I was parked, actually, I told him I was three trucks down further than I really was. He will have to walk by my truck so I can look him over, just in case it’s a set up or something. I had ask him what he was wearing, he told me he had a white t-shirt on and a red ball cap. As I sat in my truck with nothing on but my cut off shorts, a tall slender guy, white shirt, red cap walked on by. I tapped my horn and gave him a wave. He stopped and walked over to my truck. ‘Are you the guy I spoke to?’ He ask. ‘Yeah, get in on the other side.’ I told him. He walked around the front of the truck to the passenger side. I had my shorts off and my cock stiff. He got in and saw I was ready for him. Naked, hard, my cock bouncing, I got up and set on my bed in the bunk. He got down between my legs and started sucking my cock. He was around my age, mid to late 30’s, tall and skinny. Not bony, just slender build. He could suck a cock. I told him to get comfortable. He got up and in two pulls or so, was butt ass naked like me. I got up on the bed with my legs spread, he got back to sucking my cock. He was like a mad man, damn, he was sucking like no tomorrow. I pushed him back and took a look at his long thin cock. The head was large and round, the shaft was narrow and long. I flipped around and sucked him while he sucked me. I could taste the precum out of his cock slit. It was a steady flow, and sweet! I liked my finger and played with his hole while he sucked on my cock. It didn’t take long I was shooting my load down his throat. He gagged a little but took it all down. After he sucked the cum out of my shaft, he got up pushed me back and face fucked my mouth. His long narrow shaft was sliding in and out of my mouth and down my throat, deep! I too gagged on his cock head. His balls were slapping on my chin. As he fucked my mouth, he ask if he could dump his load in my mouth. I pulled his cock out just long enough to say ‘sure, go for it!’ He plunged deep back into my throat and again, I gagged! As his hips fucked my face I could feel him quiver as his started cumin. He moaned like a fucking mad man as his cock jerked and shot a huge load down my hungry throat. He kept fucking my mouth as he shot his steamy load out of his balls and into my mouth. Wow! My gut was full of cum again. He sat up, caught his breath and sat a while. I was still horny and thought I should get all I could. I ask him if he liked to rim ass. ‘Hell yeah, I love to eat a hot ass.’ He told me. Now, I shave my asshole, balls, so you could say I have a slick hole, ready for any hot, willing tongue. He lifted my legs and pushed them back where my ready for sucking hole was looking up at him. He got down on that hot hole and began to lick which quickly turned into a hard suck. My hard cock lay back on my stomach as I reached for it to jack on. Oh, that guy could eat ass! Shit! He sucked on it, licked it and got it so worked up that he could easily fuck it with his long, hard tongue. I jacked on my cock while he ate me. I was so fucking turned on, I wanted him to fuck me, yeah, I wanted this tall unknown mother fucker to stick his cock in my well eaten hole. ‘Hey, you think you could fuck my hole, and drop your load in me?’ I asked. Without a reply he set up, his hard, purple headed, think shaft cock was pointing upward. I reached over to my lube pump and got a couple of squirts and ran it up and down the narrow shaft and on his hard cock head. He pushed that huge mushroom head up against my asshole. It squeezed in, damn! That mother fucker popped in and my hole grabbed the shaft. His big thick cock head was rubbing the sides of my anal hole. I could feel it go up inside my cavity. He got up close between my legs and started fucking my ass. I let go of my cock and pulled my legs back, I really didn’t want the ‘fucking’ minute to stop. He started of slow and worked up to a good fast rhythm. His balls were flapping away on my back side, after a good long fuck session, he pulled out, the head made a ‘pop’ sound as he pulled out, he flipped me over. As a willing slut, I obliged, I stuck my ass up in the air and offered it to him again. He held my hips with his hands and drove that cock of his in again and started pumping fast. My balls hung low and my dick was hard and waving in the wind. The front of his huge full balls slapped the back side of mine. This was the best fuck I have had in a while, well, for today anyway. He leaned over my back and his heavy breath was blowing on my neck. He humped me like a fucking dog in heat. I could tell he was gonna dump his hot fucking load up my asshole. He got up and pounded even harder. He yelled out, ‘Damn, I’m gonna cum up your ass.’ About that time I could actually feel that hot cum pouring into my asshole cavity. He kept pounding my ass and shooting his cum. Fuck! I thought! I too was cumin, I shot my load beneath us on the bed. I sprayed like a fire hose. He leaned over my back once again to get the last few shoves in my ass. He pulled out, I collapsed on the bed and he on top of me. I could still feel his hard shaft up against my ass cheeks. Wow, what a fucking ride. He hung around for about another hour, we exchanged numbers, so when I make it back through there we could have another breeding session. Both of my holes, mouth and ass, took in his sweet juice. At that time I was just 800 miles into my trip and have had two guys and two great fucks and several loads of man juice. I couldn’t wait to see what the next 1600 miles had in store for me. I gathered up my thoughts, which were hotter than hell and kept my well drained cock in the semi-hard mode. I got into Denver just to fuel and get some snacks, sodas and personal items and then back on the road. The pilot in Denver can be a cluster fuck at times, if you are a driver and have been there at certain times, you know what I’m talking about. I ran in a saw they had two or three showers open, so, I decided to go a head and clean up before hitting the road. The guy cleaning the restrooms and shower rooms was a clean cut younger guy. He ask if I needed any extra soap, towels, etc. I told him at this point the only thing I needed was someone to wash my back. I always say that, it’s habit. He laughed a little and said, ‘keep you door open driver, I might be able to help you out.’ I just about dropped my jaw! So, I figured, what the fuck. I got to thinking about it while I started the shower and shaved, and my cock stood right back at attention. I got in the shower and sure enough, he came through the door, locked it, and shucked his clothes. Fuck, this guy was a hairy bear cub type. He had an average cock and huge balls. He got in the shower and said, ‘OK, I’m here to give you that back wash.’ He grinned like a cat that ate the rat. I turned around and he began to wash my back, his hands made their way to my ass crack and he toyed with my ass for a few minutes. My cock was rock hard, I mean ROCK HARD! I spun around to show him my manhood and he dropped and sucked me like none other. Fuck! I thought, this trip is really going great! He was a deep throat expert. He stood up and I dropped and sucked on his short, fat cock. Huge head, huge balls. I stood back up and turned around, ‘put that cock in my hole,’ I instructed him. I bent over and he drove that fat cock right in my man pleaser. He held my sides as he worked my ass over. I knew when he came, I could feel his cock swelling even fatter. He held back a loud moan. At the same time my cock shot wad after wad onto the shower floor and washed towards the drain. This has been one fantastic ride. I had been fucked again. Oh, that’s a good thing! If it stays on this track, I’ll have four more hot fucks before I get out east. I hope you guys can use my story, it’s true, and I will let you know how the rest of the trip goes later. Enjoy, Pete w/Allied Van Lines.

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