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The party was over, everybody had gone home and I was horny as hell. I got out the porn video titled “Deep Throat” that I had given myself for Christmas and popped it into the DVD player. I stripped down to my shorts, but left my Christmas hat on for atmosphere. My cock was hard in my shorts, so I stroked it through the fabric with one hand and stroked my balls with the other as the movie credits rolled by. The stroking made my cock feel so good. The movie action came on. Two young muscular studs were standing in the living room with erect cocks. One guy slid to his knees and went down on his buddies 6 inch cut cock, swallowed the whole thing and proceeded to deep throat him as he fondled his buddy’s balls with one hand and his hard muscular stomach with the other. My cock got as hard as iron because I loved to watch a young, muscular guy deep throat another young, muscular guy’s cock I slipped my cock and balls out of my shorts and hung them over the elastic of my shorts. I tickled my balls with the tips of the fingers of one and slowly stroked my cock with the other. It felt so great. I was so horny my balls and cock were extremely touch sensitive. I could see the pre-cum oozing out onto the head of my cock. I could tell the guy in the movie loved sucking cock and taking it all the way down his throat. He didn’t just suck it, he made love to it. He never let it out of his mouth. He sucked it in and out of his mouth but 80% of the time he was deep throating it down to his buddy’s pubes. His buddy was in ecstasy and it showed on the screen. I cupped my balls with one hand, wrapped my other hand around my cock and gently stroked it up and down. I had to be careful or I would cum too soon. God, I really loved the sensations building in my cock and balls and wanted them to last as long as possible. The guy on the screen grabbed his buddy’s head in his hands and mouth fucked him, deep throating him with every stroke. I slid my briefs off, slid down on the sofa on my back, placed my heels on the coffee table, spread my legs and fondled my balls and perineum as I used my thumb to massage my pre-cum into and over the head of my cock. Jeez, did that ever feel good. Enough of that and I would cum. The guy on the screen finally came in his buddy’s mouth. He just had the tip of his cock in the guys mouth and I could see the cum going into his mouth and covering his tongue. His buddy took all the cum in his mouth, then closed his mouth around the cock and deep throated it until his buddy’s cock softened. Jeez, watching a guy take a load and then continue to suck cock really turned me on. I found myself watching the scene and reacting by stroking my cock a little too vigorously. Christ, my nuts and cock were on fire erotically and I could feel the cum climbing through my dick. I immediately stopped stroking and thought of something else. I could feel two small spasms in my cock like I was going to cum but I didn’t. I left my cock alone and used my hands to caress my chest, stomach and legs as the next scene started on the film. It was essentially the same scene with 2 other gorgeous guys standing in the bedroom. The guy getting sucked this time had an 8 inch cock. Sucker and suckee were matched here and the sucker had no trouble swallowing his buddy’s 8 inches. Damn, I would love to have that guy straddling my chest and ramming his big cock down my throat. Unfortunately all I could do was watch him get expertly sucked by someone else. My cock was hard as iron again and stuck straight up from my pubes. Pre-cum was running all over my cock because I was so aroused. I stroked my cock and fondled my balls. The sensation was electric. The pre-cum caused pleasurable sensations as I stroked my cock just as if I had lubed up my cock and it made my cock more sensitive to my stroking action. Fuck, I couldn’t wait on the film or I would blow my load before the cum swallowing scene arrived. I fast forwarded to the cum scene, cupped my balls in my hand and stroked my cock vigorously with the other as the guy on the screen shot his load in his buddy’s mouth. As the guy took his load and then deep throated his buddy’s cock again I let the incipient orgasm build in my cock until I couldn’t resist and blew my load all over my stomach, chest and face. I scooped up my cum on to my fingers and licked it off as I watched the next scene unfold. Then I flicked off the DVD and TV. I would be watching that DVD a lot in the future. “Merry Christmas, George,” I told myself and went in the bathroom to clean up before I went to bed.

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