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It Works For Me

I’ve often wondered about cruising with a cb. Every truck I pass or see, has an antenna on it, so therefore, if you’re looking to suck a trucker cock, the cb is better than a cell phone. You pretty well bet, if he’s got his radio on, it’s on channel 19. That’s the standard channel drivers use when trucking. I was at a flea market a year ago. As I searched for certain treasures I came across a guy with a cb, antenna, the whole set up for a few bucks. ‘The last time I had it hooked up it worked fine.’ He told me. For less than a 20 dollar bill I was rigged up to cruise truckers. I made my way home that evening and decided to give it a try. I hooked up the radio, got power to it, and bam! I was in business. It was late evening and I decided to give it a try. Not really cruising anybody, I keyed the mic for a test. ‘Breaker one-nine, anybody hear this radio?’ Was my first words. Three truckers came back, ‘sounds good driver,’ ‘radio coming through clear here buddy,’ ‘sounds good,’ they reported to me. Damn! They too, sounded clear. I live near the interstate and there are several truck stops within two or three miles from my house. I backed out of the drive way and came in the back way to one of the larger truck stops. The radio would be quiet for a while, then there would be a lot of traffic on the damn thing. Enough to have to turn it way down to hear myself think. As my heart raced, I got up enough courage to try my new found toy out. I was so nervous, I got tongue tided. ‘Breaker,’ I said in a shaky voice, ‘Anybody looking to give a blow job? Take it to channel 25.’ I quickly turned the knob to channel 25 when I realized I fucked up. I meant to say ‘anybody looking for a blow job.’ Fuck! About that time I heard a voice, ‘where you at, I’ll give you a blow job.’ Humm? I picked up the mic and ask, ‘You a trucker? Or a cruiser?’ The deep voice came back, ‘Does it matter? I want to suck some cock and get my own cock sucked. 10-4?’ Holy fuck! It worked. And I thought I had fucked up! I picked up the mic and said, ‘I’m parked behind the truck stop on the street, where you?’ I’m in the third row, second truck across from the truck stop fuel island.’ He replied. He told me the passenger door was open, come play. To cut to the chase, I got up in the rig, there sat the trucker, only a shirt on, no pants, huge cock, hard. He looked at me and said, ‘pull your cock out, I’m hungry.’ I did as he ask. Right there in the front of the rig he worked on my cock. As he sucked on my cock his cock was not only huge, but hard and throbbing. He would stroke it occasionally. His balls were shaved, and the hair neatly trimmed. I was so fucking horned up it took all I had not to loose my load. He looked up and ask me, ‘you like to sixtynine a large cock?’ Without a word, we got into the sleeper. He pulled off his shirt, moderately hairy, I just about came without touching myself. He lay on his side, I matched up with his cock. I took it all the way down and his cock started jerking. Precum briefly squirted in my mouth. His balls were clean shaved and I could smell that man smell between his legs. I slurped and sucked and he did the same. He pulled my head off his cock and ask, ‘can you cum several times, or are you in a hurry?’ ‘I got all night trucker, and yes, I can cum as many times as you like, especially tonight.’ I told him. We both went back to cock sucking and fired the ‘first’ of four loads that evening. We traded cum for the next two hours. I was so fucking worn down by the time I crawled out of his rig. With a belly full of man juice, I couldn’t help think, that was the best fucking 20 bucks I’ve ever spent! Terry S. B’ham, AL.

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