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It Just Happens

I had casually known Brad for a while. He was a supervisor at a store that I went to regularly, and we had become “store friends,” for lack of a better word. Imagine my surprise to find Brad and me as the only men in the swimming pool at the local gym I go to regularly. “Hey, Brad!” I said. “Well, look who it is!” Brad said back. “Glad we could recognize each other when we weren’t in the store.” I nodded. We made some small talk, but I noticed that Brad wasn’t just listening to me. He was continually looking pass me at the women in sexy suits who were swimming. Guess he really likes looking at women! “Brad, let’s get dressed and get a cup of coffee, I suggested. “Uh, OK, but I, uh, have to wait a few minutes,” he said. “Everything OK?” I asked him. “Yeah, it’s just, uh, well this is embarrassing. David, since I’ve been watching those women in their small, tight swimsuits, I’ve, uh, well, I’ve gotten hard. I need to wait a bit because I can’t go into the shower like that.” “Brad,” I responded, “that’s completely natural. Erections happen. Listen, you and I are the only men in here, and I’ve definitely seen hard-ons before — I am a man, after all — so we could go into the showers anyway. It really doesn’t make any difference to me. We’re both guys.” “You sure, David? I wouldn’t want to gross you out,” Brad said. “No problem, bro. Let’s go.” (Of course by this time I was getting hard myself thinking about seeing Brad hard in the shower!) So we got out of the pool and held our towels over the front of our suits so our erections wouldn’t be visible. Then off to the showers we went. Sure enough, we were the only men in the locker room, and it wouldn’t be all that long till the gym closed, so it was very unlikely that other men would be coming in to change and begin exercising. Ben turned toward the wall and took off his suit. Nice ass! I *didn’t* turn toward the wall and took mine off. As he turned to hang his suit on a hook he glanced and saw me standing there completely hard, too. “Guess you liked the women, too, David,” he said with a wink. “Well, I guess you can see that I did,” I said as I lied — it was Brad who was turning me on, not the women. Brad’s cock was about my size, pointing up toward his stomach, and he was cut. “Nice mushroom you got there, man,” I decided to take a chance by saying. “Thanks. And nice foreskin you’ve got there, David. The head is covered even though you’re completely hard. Does it stay covered? Sorry, didn’t mean to be so personal,” Brad responded. “Yes, the head stays covered even when I’m completely hard. But it pulls back easily, like this,” I said as I reached down and pulled back my skin. “That’s how I jack off,” I continued. Then I *really* took a chance and said, “Hey! That’s a way we could get rid of our boners. I don’t mind jacking off in here if you don’t.” Brad blushed just a bit, paused, and then said, “Well, I guess not.” “We’re both guys. No big deal, bro,” I responded. So Brad soaped up his mushroom-shaped fully hard cut cock and started stroking it. I didn’t need soap as my cock head was already slick with precum, so I just began working my foreskin back and forth. Brad looked at me and I looked at him. “Never saw how an uncut guy jacks off. Hope you don’t mind if I watch,” he told me. “Nope, no problem. We’re just guys doing what comes naturally,” I said back (actually thinking “cums” rather than “comes”), “and I’ll watch you working that big mushroom you’ve got.” So there we were, jacking off in the gang shower at the gym we both belonged to and watching each other do it. Talk about hot! It wasn’t that long before Brad started to breathe a little harder, and so did I. “Let’s shoot our loads into the drain, let our cum mix together as it disappears and leaves the shower clean,” I suggested. “Why not? We’re just guys doing what every guy does,” Brad responded. So we got close enough to the drain — one on either side of it — and we kept jacking — Brad with his soaped-up mushroom and me with my precum-slicked foreskin action. “Ohh!” we both said aloud, trying to keep it as quiet as we could so no one would hear us. Out came spurt after spurt of hot cum, mixing on top of the drain before being washed down it by the shower water. Man, we were both huffing and puffing when that was over. Was it hot!! “We’d better get dressed, David,” Brad said. “I know there’s nothing wrong with what we’re doing, but anybody else coming in wouldn’t understand.” “I agree,” I responded. We finished showering — our cocks were still semi, of course — and then dried off as we made small talk. (I noticed Brad watching as I peeled back my foreskin, first to wash and then to dry. It didn’t bother me, and it didn’t seem to bother Brad either.) We got dressed (our cocks were soft enough now not to be visible) and went out to the parking lot. “Thanks, David, for coming up with a way to help me with my ‘problem,’ “ Brad said. “Nothing that we wouldn’t do by ourselves anyway,” I said back. “We’re just both guys who had a ‘problem.’ “ Then we shook hands, got in our cars, and drove to our homes. Will it happen again? Maybe, maybe not. But it sure will remain in my mind as one of the hot times I’ve had by chance with a hot guy in the showers. DD

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