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In My Sleeper

In my sleeper, you will find a willing cock and a hot ass! I haul freight in all 48 states. I’m a single driver, and get quite horny out on the road. I am a married man, to a woman that is, I guess you could call me bi, but I prefer to be called straight with a little curve in the middle. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife of 10 years, she takes care of me at home and while I’m away on the road she takes care of our home. Ok, most of you are thinking, yada-yada-yada. I confess, I love a hot cock fucking my hole like it’s on fire. I also love to suck a hard cock and get mine sucked as well. So call me what the fuck ever you want, just cum play in my sleeper. My sleeper gets more fucking action than my bedroom when I’m home. Like I said, my wife takes care of me while I’m at home, but I let the ‘men’ take care of me while I’m out on the road. My sleeper is rigged and ready for action. Lube, condoms, butt plugs, dildos, handy clean up rags and snacks. A man can’t fuck hungry, give me a break! Just last week, I left home, Atlanta, Georgia, on a run out to Los Angeles. I picked my trailer up around 4ish in the morning and headed out. My first stop was at the Amaco Truck Stop in Russell, Mississippi. A quick late breakfast and fuel and I was back on the road. I pulled in the new adult shop between Monroe and Minden, Louisiana. They have truck parking and I was about the fifth rig to pull in. It was really time for a nap, but I was horned up and ready for some man play. I went in the shop, looked around and made some eye to eye contact with a middle aged guy. We kept the eye thing going when I decided to see if he would follow me out to the rig. He did. Without a word, I got in the driver’s side and opened the passenger door. He made his way across the lot and got in. ‘How’s it going?’ He ask. ‘Cool with me, you?’ I replied. He pulled out a huge hard cock. We made out way into the sleeper, I had thing ready on my night stand. I dropped my loose fitting jeans and pulled my shirt off. I lay naked with my rod sticking out, he got down on my cock and I moved to where he could stick his cock in my mouth. What a sweet tasting cock. As we sucked each other, he tugged and removed all of his clothes. We were butt ass naked, going at it in my sleeper like two wild men. Just the way I like it. We sucked and sucked and traded out cum with each other. We both sucked each other enough and it was so fucking wild, we came twice that afternoon. No butt fucking though, he wasn’t into it and I respect that. I was sure hoping to have his cock ream out my hot ass. After a few hour break I got out of there and head back west. My next stop was just west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. There is a pull off area, no toilets. I had to piss like a race horse, so I pull in, get out between the rig and the trailer. As I stood there with my dick  in my hand and pissing away, a tall dark looking guy comes up behind me and ask, ‘you need any help with that?’ In an instant my cock got hard. As I turned around and noticed this guy, tight jeans, huge bulge, I stood there with my hard cock looking at him. I replied, ‘does this say anything?’ We both got in the truck from the passenger side. He grabbed my ass as I got up in the truck. I knew this hot Indian was wanting more than just play with my cock. Cut to the chase, we both stripped, he had a huge fucking uncut, thick, mushroom head that had juice dripping out the end. I went down on that cock like it was the only one on earth. I choked several times deep throating this man’s piece. We made the sixty-nine position, only to have him rim my ass to the point I could take a huge pole. I rolled over to keep from shooting my load. I was so fucking turned on and so needed a big cock in my ass. He forced that huge fucking mushroom head in my ass. I could feel that huge thick pole work it’s way into my rectum and up into my bowels. This guy had his whole fucking manhood way up inside of me. I had no fucking time to get a condom over that huge mother fucker. I was so into this guy fucking me I wanted his cum to stay inside my bowels. I so wanted to carry  his man juice with me when we were done. He fucked me slow at first and as my ass hole accepted that huge tool he started to pound me harder. It as fucking awesome. His balls were large but they weren’t low hangers, they were tight at the base of his huge tool. I held my legs back as far as I could get them as to give him as much room as he needed pounding my tight ass. His long black course hair danced in my face as he leaned way over pounding my back side. His smooth chest lay upon mine on and off as if he were getting a real good toe hold to pound me even harder. I was so ready to cum and when I did, every time that thick tool of his rubbed against my swollen prostate gland, I shot and shot and shot again. I’m not sure where all that cum came from, but I sure shot a hell of a load. He too began to cum, right up in my ass. I could damn near feel the juice pump out the end of his huge cock. After we lay in the sleeper for a while and regrouped, we talked some real trucker trash and jacked each other off. My ass was way too fucking sore to have that love tool of his work me over. I did, however, get his number. On my way back, I should be healed enough for another good fucking before I make it back to Atlanta. I was fucking whipped after that fuck. I did get a great blow job in the sleeper when I laid over in Barstow, California. I was a day ahead of schedule so I rested up in Barstow at the Rip Griffins Truck Stop. I met up with a guy that worked at the fuel desk. I’ve had a few encounters with this guy before. One hot cock sucker. He told me he gets more cock than he can suck most days. He has repeat customers too! I was. He met me in my truck after his shift and we sucked each other on and off for about 6 hours. He’s a cool dude, and if you guys ever get out that way and ‘Ricky’ is working the fuel desk, tell him ‘Atlanta Jerry’ said hi, he will then ask you where your truck is and give you the best fucking blow job of your life! If I’m not in my sleeper, waiting for some action, I’m on the road looking for it! Jerry, Ga.

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