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In My Front Yard

I took the advice of rigging up a CB in my car to check out just how ‘fast’ it was to get into the cab of a big rig. It was a quiet Saturday afternoon, with not much to do, and feeling quite horny, I decided to take it to the next level. Hooking the radio up. It didn’t take too much time, and besides, I had cold beer and plenty of time. When I was done, I turned the radio on and wow! The chatter was quite surprising. I live just a few blocks off the interstate, two lefts and one right and you’re in my front yard. I sipped my beer while I listened in to the drivers coming and going up and down the near by interstate. Out of no fucking where I heard a scratchy voice say, ‘I’m one horny fucker and it’s going to be next weekend before I get home to mama. Anybody out there wanna have some sex?’ Several drivers came back to the guy and they poked fun at being at home fucking ‘mama!’ Well, a bit confused, I picked up the mic of my radio and cut in asking, ‘Damn driver, you gonna fuck your mother, isn’t that incest or something?’ I got a quick lesson that ‘mama’ was the wife. How funny. I’ve always called my mother ‘mama!’ Not being married, I’m sure it’s a freaky straight man’s thing. The guy came back and ask where I was, maybe he could fuck me. Jokingly, another driver came back and said, ‘You better be careful driver, there’s a lot of queers out here, he might be one and take you up on it.’ I came back and said, ‘It will be the best fucking you ever had, driver!’ It kinda pissed me off, but the scratchy voiced driver said, ‘take it to channel 3-3.’ Shocked, I turned the knob to channel 33 and there he was asking, ‘Where you at guy, I’d love a good blow job at least.’ I damn near turned my radio off, but I had enough courage in me and replied, ‘I’m right off the interstate, take exit 150, two lefts and one right, plenty of rig parking.’ In no time, a big rig made the fucking corner. An empty flat bed drove up, the driver pulled his brakes and rolled down the window. I stood out by the road. He looked me up and down and told me to get in. We made very little small talk, hell we barely talked at all. He pulled his shorts down and there stood a huge uncut cock before me. ‘I’m horny guy, and I shoot a large load. I can give it to you down your throat or up your hole, what ever you want.’ He held the back of my head as I chewed, sucked and slurped on that uncut cock of his. As I sucked that sweet precum juice out, I was shucking my clothes. I wanted the monster uncut meat up my hole. I pulled my head off his cock to catch my breath. ‘You want a real piece of ass?’ I ask him. ‘Yeah buddy, my wife has a tight pussy, do you?’ He ask with a smirk on his face. I replied, ‘I’ll have you dropping by for this ass on occasions, and you’ll be throwing rocks at your old lady’s pussy.’ I put my head back down on his cock. My trashy talk made his that much harder. He loved the way I chewed on his foreskin. Precum dribbled out the head of his cock, which meant it would ‘self lubricate’ my hole as it goes in. He pulled me up off the rig floor and situated his seat. ‘Set on this cock!’ He barked at me. I stood up, butt naked, turned around and spread the cheeks of my ass and worked that cock in my hole. I sat right down on it. In no time we had the rhythm going. As cars came up and down the road I live off, no one noticed as I rode that big uncut fuck tool. In no time the driver unloaded his big tool up my ass. As I kept riding his cock I pumped my load across the cab and onto the passenger seat. ‘Yep, you’re right, I’d like to drop by on occasions. You game?’ He ask. Results? It got me in the cab and bred by a real man.

Warren K. NW Illinois

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