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Hot Trucking Sex

It was a hot August evening when I pulled into a some what near by pickle park. I was driving back home and wanted to see if the place really did see any action. I stopped at a fast food place on the way, choosing to eat at one of the picnic tables in the park. I sat on the table part of the picnic bench ant ate, wondering if any of the trucks there had any hot men. I had a t-shirt and jeans on and the thought of sex on this hot night had my cock growing down my pant leg. I was looking at the stars in the sky, when at the corner of my eye I noticed a guy get out of his truck and he was headed my way. ‘Nice night,’ the guy said as he sat down next to me. He was finishing a soda and I was trying hard not to break into a sweat! He was about 6’4” dark hair and eyes and had the body of a pro bodybuilder. He had on jeans and a sleeveless flannel shirt, the kind bodybuilders wear, huge fucking pumped up arms with big veins everywhere. His shirt was only half buttoned, showing a big pumped chest. While talking he got up to toss the soda can in the trash bin and faced me at the bench. My cock was about ready to bust out of these jeans, and he noticed. I told him I was a fan of bodybuilding and that he looked great. Ever so slightly he undid the rest of his shirt to let me see that hot fucking torso. Wow! Then he blew out some air and flexed his abs which showed a six pack that was in line with a Mr. America contest. ‘Damn!’ I said. And my cock swelled larger. He smiled and asked, ‘What’s your favorite body part?’ ‘Chest!’ I said, ‘With arms second, and everything else a close third.’ He took the shirt off and flexed his pecs. Huge mounds of chest muscle hardened into a solid mass. ‘Fuck!’ I said. My cock was ready to burst and he knew it! ‘Come to my truck,’ he said. We got in and stripped. I’m a muscle lovin’ top and was all over him. I buried my face between his huge pecs and my hands were all over those big arms. He grabbed my cock and was surprised at the size. I’ve got a nice piece of meat with a very, very big mushroom head. (People have asked me if I vacuum-pumped. But I haven’t.) He started sucking me and I let loose with a load. I come up again rather quickly if I’m with a muscle dude, so I was ready for more. He had a smallish cock that I think was due to ‘roids, and he ask if I minded. Hell no! Cock size doesn’t do it for me anywhere near muscle size! I sucked the protean load right out of him and then the muscle man wanted to get fucked with my big headed cock. I got it all in and then just flexed it, deep in his ass. I got him moaning with real slow strokes at first building to jackhammer thrust as I gave him my second load. We stayed in the truck together till dawn and dozed and played, that hot , huge muscle dude and me. RS, Smyrna, DE.

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