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Horn Dawg on a Harley

Ever since I started fucking with guys, I’ve always wanted to do a biker, but hot looking bikers are far and few between here in Upstate New York. Then, one hot night back in August, I was running south on Rt. 81 traveling from Watertown, NY to Binghamton, NY when a stud on a Harley came up behind me, pulled up to pass and then matched my speed as he pulled up along side the cab of my Peterbilt. It was dark but the chicken lights on the side of my cab and sleeper threw plenty of light on the guy to get a good look. The biker looked to e tall and thin, wearing jeans and a leather jacket open enough to reveal a smooth, shirtless chest. Dark wavy hair spilled out from all the sides of his helmet. As he cruised next to me, he looked up, smiled and gave me a ‘thumbs up,’ then sped off ahead of me and off into the distance. My mind was going 90 miles an hour, ‘this guy would be great,’ but reality told me that he was simply another blue collar stud with a mutual admiration for truckers and headed home to some good pussy. But I hoped he’d be at the next rest area ten miles down the road which was the last rest area before Syracuse. The car lot had a few cars and two pick up trucks. Rats! No Harley! I took the fork to the right that lead behind the small cement block building to the truck parking lot. There were 5 semi’s parked for the night and I drove to the furthest end where it’s dark and quiet. A good spot to pick up a willing cock sucker. Just as I pulled my brake buttons, I saw the bike, it was parked off in the grass by a picnic table surrounded by small pine trees on 3 sides. I shut down the pete, I lit up a smoke and collected my thoughts before jumping down from the cab and walking over to the bike. The stud was leaning his ass on the end of the picnic table, shirtless and stroking his 7” biker cock. I was right about his looks, tall, thin, but nicely muscled for a skinny guy. Nicely trimmed beard and long shoulder length hair. He did nothing to hide the hard cock in his fist as he nodded to me. ‘Nice bike,’ I said not quite knowing how to get things rolling. ‘Yeah’ was the biker’s only reply. ‘I’d kinda like to get me a bike some day, but trucking all the time, I just don’t have time for it.’ The stud studied me up and down, never missing a beat as he stroked his cock. A sheen of sweat made his darkly tanned chest glow in the moon light. Then he said, ‘I like to fuck truckers in the mouth,’ and with that said, he walked to the side of the picnic table and stood up on the bench seat. I stepped close, his biker cock right at face level. Then Mr. Harley put both hands on my head and guided the throbbing cock into my mouth. ‘That’s it, trucker! Take it like a man.’ And he threw his head back and groaned as he fucked his cock deep into my mouth and started working it in and out, easy and purposeful. The stud was good, he’d fuck and moan, fuck and groan, and then fuck some more, making it last as his muscled body drew tense and hot. The way he was going, I was afraid the stud would fuck off and then take off. That would be a real bummer, and then it happened, the stud was fucking his juice down my throat. He could no longer groan, only hold my face tight to the twitching cock as it pumped the cum into my mouth. Blast after blast until there was no more biker juice to fuck out, Mr. Harley held his cock deep in my mouth as he caught his breath. The wound up muscles slowly unwound and then he pulled it out. ‘You like that?’ He ask as he jumped to the ground. ‘Yeah, it was good!’ I replied. ‘Anytime!’ The stud walked around his bike as if he were collecting his thoughts and then over to me and ran his hand up under my t-shirt, over my chest, then pulled my shirt off of me. Studying, stroking, he said, ‘let me have a smoke then I’ll do you, you got one?’ I had to go back to the pete to get him a cigarette. On the way I saw the glow of a cigarette in the truck next to mine, a Canadian trucker, probably saw the biker fucking me in the mouth. Big deal! Hope he enjoyed the show. I got a smoke, lit itup and walked back to the biker stud who took a drag and stroked my chest, took a drag and tugged at my jeans. I pried out my hard trucker cock and the biker stroked the hard meat. One last drag and the but went flying. Mr. Harley went down on one knee an took my hard-on into his mouth. Sucking hard, running his hands up and down my legs, I was really cranked but he cold sense when I was about to pop and would back off. The stud was a real pro. I was lost in this sex heat when I heard a voice behind me, ‘that biker any good at sucking cock?’ It was trucker Canadian. He was young, wearing only a pair of those baggy khaki shorts and his work boots. He was really cool and relaxed about the whole scene. The biker reached up and tugged at trucker Canadian’s shorts never missing a beat as he sucked me hard. Mr. Canadian opened his shorts, let them fall to the ground, stepped out of them and threw them onto the picnic table. Mr. Harley let loose my shaft and went down on the Canadian Trucker with hot fury. I was totally cranked, started jerking on my cock and bam! Blew my load of cum, 5-6-7 gobs of fuck juice hit Mr. Harley in the face and dripped down over his hot chest. Mr. Canadian was fucking the biker’s mouth like there would be no tomorrow and Mr. Harley was jerking his fist on his own hard cock which was pumping out more of the biker’s sex juice. His fist was covered with the hot cum, then the Canadian Trucker pulled his spasmatic cock out of the biker’s mouth and fucked out a nice load of trucker cum onto the biker’s face and chest. It was over. Mr. Canadian caught his breath, scooped up some fuck juice from Mr. Harley’s chest and ate it off his hand. ‘You’re right, he’s good!’ The trucker grabbed his shorts and headed to his truck bare ass naked. the biker stood, licked the cum from his fist , ran his hands over his chest and through his hair. Without a word, put on his leather jacket and helmet and was gone. I walked to my pete very satisfied. That was a once in a life time fuck for shore! Got more to tell, will send in later. Mark R. Syracuse, NY.

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