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I know by now you're most likely tired of me posting 'Naked at Work' but it makes my day/night go by so much quicker. Driving naked, working naked, at home I'm nude most of the time unless I'm going to the store of errands. Wal Mart frowns on nudity, funny though, you see how a lot of people dress and go there. Our society is so taboo when it comes to nakedness, you know this, we have imprinted in our minds that if someone is naked, they are up to something, most likely sexually. Far from the truth. I think if everyone had the option to live nude (if they wanted to) you'd be really surprised at how many nude people you'd see in public. I've always said, 'the only person stared at on a nude beach, is the one with clothes on.' Any who, to make things clear, yes I work naked every chance I get, not too often as you would think by my post and Only Fans Page, when the coast is clear, in secluded areas and or at night. I've always said I'm a creature of the night. A naked creature. It's all about body positive, One Life ~ Live It!

I encourage any of you with a story about your nudity or the lack of, to share on my blog. Don't be shy, you don't have to have photos to post, you don't have to use your real name. Are you a nudist? How long? When was your first time? Personally I've always have loved to be naked. Growing up I didn't really have a lot of nude experience, however, in school after gym class I was just about the only one naked in the showers. Eventually some of my class mates would join me. They realized I wasn't shy so the joined. Nothing sexual, just naked guys taking a shower together. The fear, taboo, shyness disappeared. I've been an open nudist for more than 30 + years, every chance I got. I would suggest I have more nude miles than clothed miles. At work on the longer runs, when home, driving to the lake, beach, Austin to Hippie Hollow, all home time nude miles. Do I fear getting caught, never crosses my mind. OK, enough raddling on, if you have a story to share, or questions, email me at

Also, please log in and post a comment below. I love hearing from you guys! (and gals)

For full naked videos and my personal kink photos and such, join my Only Fans Page.

And don't forget to check out the True Nudist website.

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