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Happy Weekend

Good morning & happy weekend hookers! Morning coffee and a chat 'online' via Live IG, was a success! So I thought, some joined, some checked it out but didn't stay, that's ok, I'm in it for the fun and to meet you guys. I'm hoping to set up a zoom program in the near future, so I can interact with you members here on the site. The more the merrier. IF you have done such an adventure before, please let me know, I might need some advise.

Some of you are skeptical as being a 'nudist.' Well, to get the 'feel' of it, so to speak, practice being a 'home nudist.' Spend and hour, maybe a day, totally nude at home. No one knows, no one sees. Another challenge, sleep nude. Oh what an awesome comfortable pleasure. Again, no one knows, no one sees. Over all, "no one cares!" When you get use to those assignments, the next step would be a 'nude beach.' Or maybe a nudist resort. Here's a couple things to remember, at a nude beach, the only person someone really stares at, is the one with all their clothes on. Here's another tip as far a 'resorts' go (as well as the beach), imagine in your head that you're at a football game. Or a concert. Look around. You see all shapes, all sizes, they are all there. Same at a nudist resort or nude beach. You have all types. Don't be fooled by photos of a mass group all in shape, buffed out, not real. Become comfortable in your own skin and embrace nudity. It's fucking awesome. Body positive.

By the looks at my post you might say I do some 'risky' nude stuff, well, yes it could be, but I know when, where, and always look over my shoulder. I enjoy finding that most deserted place to enjoy and embrace my nakedness. You too, can evolve in the same pleasure. Join me on Live IG and feel free to chat me up. And as always, check out my Only Fans Page, lots of nudity and challenges there. Peace out my naked friends...... Timothy.

If you have a story to share, here on my blog, please reach out to me, I'd love to share your work. Email me at:

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