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Hand Held CBs

I love to cruise with a CB. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be without one. Back in the seventies, when I was in high school, CB’s were the toys to have. I can remember my grandmother buying a new Cadillac, it had one built in the fucking dash board. Not too long ago, I was cruising around in the Pilot Truck Stop not for from my house, and I noticed the ‘hand held’ CB’s on sale. They don’t give you a very far range like the one I have in my pick up, but these guys are great for ‘close knit’ talking. I’ve often wondered if one would come in handy while cruising in the woods at my favorite pickle park. So, I bought one. That evening I headed out to my local pickle park. It’s a pretty good place to cruise Truckers and Travelers, it has one hell of a trail in the woods back behind the ‘truck parking’ part of the area. It was early fall, nice enough weather to wear my shorts and loose clothing. At dusk, I headed out to the woods with my hand held CB in hand. Now, I’m a voyeur and an exhibitionist. I love to watch, be watched and do a few risky things. With CB in hand, I made my way back to the woods, just inside the bushes on the trail leading back. Cruising makes me so fucking horny, I already had precum stains in the front of my shorts. I pulled them off and let my hard cock breath in the night air. I turned my hand held CB on and tuned it to channel 19. I could hear the chatter of a few guys talking back and forth passing by the pickle park. As they faded, and quick, I keyed the CB and ask if anyone was looking for a BJ. Every two or three minutes I would broadcast my wishes. I did so for about an hour. My cock still hard, toying with it while waiting, I heard a voice come back to me asking where I was at. I spoke back into the CB and told him to take it to another channel. He did. We made some small talk for a few minutes. I told him my cock was hard and my ass was wet and looking to please a guy. He could not believe I was already in the woods, but was willing to meet me back there. ‘Right now I’m the only person back here, we have the woods to ourselves.’ I told him. In a few minutes he was standing behind his truck looking my way. Of course, I had no shorts on, my cock was rocking fucking hard, and he was wanting to make sure I was where I was. I pulled out my lighter and lit it up. He spotted the small flame and headed my way. My eyes had been adjusted to the dark and I could see he was big burly looking man. As he appeared in the woods, he looked down and spotted my naked lower half. He walked over and pulled out the biggest uncut cock I had ever fucking seen. It too was a hard as a rock. I dropped my CB and took two hand fulls of uncut Trucker Cock. I pealed the skin back and that huge mushroom head looked right up at me. I bent over and sucked on that tasty cock as he placed his hands on the back of my head and forced it down my throat. Before I could squat and get a good suction on that member of his, he reached down my back and stuck his finger in my wet hole. It didn’t take him long before he had two, then three fingers in my fuck hole. He pulled them out, I squatted and really got down on his thick cock. His dripping cock filled my mouth with precum. At first, I thought he had cum, but his hard cock and his bucking hips kept that hard mother fucker jamming in and out of my throat. In a rougher than hell voice he ask, “You like to get fucked?” I didn’t response verbally, I got up, turned around and pressed my hot ass up against that thick wet cock of his. My ass had been wet from sweat for hours, so I bent over and offered my fuck hole to him. He placed his big hands on my hips and put his cock right up my hole. One hard push, non stop, right up the poop shoot. It felt like someone had drove a mother fucking telephone pole right through my guts. It hurt so fucking good I just about passed out. About six or so thrust, he was unloading a few days worth of man juice right up my rectum. I began to cum and every thrust he made in me, pushed more and more juice out of my prostate. I showered the leaves beneath me with my cock juice. As I came he kept fucking my ass. My hole was split wide fucking open. After he came he pulled up his jeans pulled my face to his and planted one hell of a manly kiss on my mouth. He shoved his hard tongue into my mouth. He just about sucked the life right out of my lungs. He turned and disappeared into the truck parking lot. What a hell of a fuck, I thought. I sat in the woods for a little while, catching my breath and as I was sitting there, still bare bottomed, I could feel the driver’s cum oozing out of my ass hole. He left one hell of a load of cum in me. I was pretty well spent at that time, but, for fun, I turned my hand held CB back on. Believe it or not, there were two drivers on another channel talking about sex. Jacking off, fucking their old ladies and so on. Finally one told the other he was bedding down, when he got up he would let the other know so they could run down the highway together. They were taking their 8 hour break in the rest area. Hell, I was getting turned on at the thought of one, maybe both of those truckers jacking off getting a nut before bed time. How could I get one or both to do it with me? I gave the guys a few minutes to shut up and then I simply keyed the handle on my hand held to see if anyone would respond. Sure enough, to make a long story short and to cut to the chase, one of the drivers was looking to get off, but not by himself. We hooked up in the same darkish place the first trucker and I fucked. He was a tall slender, younger driver. Clean cut, tight wranglers, cowboy boots, the whole schmere. He was very nervous and just about freaked when he saw my naked ass waiting in the woods. ‘I just want a blow job, I’m straight and horny. I don’t want my buddy or anyone else to know.’ He whispered in a nervous voice. ‘Your secret is safe with me, pull your cock out, I’ll give you a blow job you will never forget.’ I told him. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a real nice cock for sucking. It was half hard and thick. As I sucked and he settled down, it got rock fucking hard and was every bit a thick nine incher. Wow, two huge cocks in one fucking night. As I stood on my knees and sucked his tool, I was jacking on my now hard pole. I could tell he was getting into it, he became more relaxed. He put his hands gently behind my head and lightly pulled my head to his crotch. He was really getting into this shit! He unbuttoned his pants and pulled them, along with his tighty while briefs, down to his knees. I rubbed the back of his hairy legs while I sucked on his cock. He slowly pushed his cock down further in my throat. Damn, how much more can my deep throat take? I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled his crotch tight against my face and sucked as hard as I could. He instantly shot a huge, thick, long stream of cum into my mouth. It took all I had to swallow that huge load. I didn’t loose a drop. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, pulled up, buttoned up and was gone! That fast. That night, those two cocks were worth every penny I spent on my new cruising toy. The hand held CB.  Dean

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