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Gotta Love a Glory Hole

I’ll never forget the first time I experienced a glory hole. At the time, married, my wife went to a wedding shower where we use to live. Near by was an adult book store. I wasn’t sure how things worked, but I wanted to check out some gay video. Now, this is before VCR, they had the old projectors encased in the wall, you put the token in, and the film started. These movies today, are priceless. Bareback and hard-core as you could get. I watched these two guys fucking like no tomorrow when I heard a kissing sound. I looked around the booth, but didn’t see anything, again, I heard the kissing sound, and down to my left was a round hole in the wall, and a guy’s lips were on the other side. I’ll never forget, he had a thin black mustache. It scared the fuck out of me. I got up and left the booth, the store in a fucking frantic. Well, I was only 19 then, I got up enough nerve to go back my next trip into town. This time, a cold six pack of courage and in I went. I bought tokens, and worked my way to the back. Again, I got in the booth with the gay movie and the glory hole. I put the tokens in and watched the two guys going at it again. Soon I heard someone in the other booth. My curiosity got me, I leaned over and looked through the hole, at the same time, the guy on the other side decided to do the same fucking thing. Again, it scared the living hell out of me, eyeball to eyeball. I got up and left the booth and made my way back to my pick up and left. Shit, I’ll never get to know how this shit works. A couple of months went by and again, I got another chance. Few beers, courage was flowing through my veins. The place had a few guys in the back, I bought tokens and found my glory hole booth. Come to find out, all the booths had glory holes. Any way, as I was really getting into seeing these two guys fuck like two dogs in heat, I looked down and to my surprise, a huge fat long cock was hanging through the glory hole. I had never sucked a guy’s cock without really knowing the guy, but what a treat. Without a thought I grabbed the thick mass of meat and stroked it. The head was huge, and had precum already dripping out of the big head. I hadn’t had much cock sucking practice, but I thought I’d give it a try. No one would know, no one could see, hell, the guy on the other side has no clue at what I looked like. As I stroked the guy’s cock, it got even bigger. The mass shaft stuck through the hole and I wanted it in my mouth so fucking bad. I dropped the rest of my tokens in the machine and went to my knees. I opened my mouth and took in as much as I could. I sucked on the cock like a baby calf sucking it’s mothers tit. I worked that shaft and was loving it. I had a pair of tight jeans on, my cock was in a bind. I worked out of my jeans as I sucked this huge cock. I often thought about getting fucked, the most I’ve had up my ass is a friends dildo. I’ve worked my ass over when the wife wasn’t home. Many times. Now was my chance to get a real cock up my ass. As I sucked I wasn’t really prepared for what was gonna happen. As thoughts of how I was gonna get fucked was racing through my mind, I noticed the cock head was really swelling up. All of a sudden huge gobs of cum started shooting out the head of this cock. It was such a fucking rush. This guy was getting off in my mouth. That had never happen before. I loved it. The thick tasty gobs of cum kept coming and I kept sucking and swallowing. I’ve never tasted so fucking much cum in my life. The most I’ve eaten was my own when I took a day off and jacked off all fucking day. I couldn’t get enough! I kept sucking this guy and cleaning the left over cum out of his shaft. I was so fucking turned on my cock started shooting as well. I was so fucking fired up, I came a bucket load. All over the wall in front of me and floor beneath me. I watched as that massive limp piece of meat go back through the hole. What a fucking treat. I looked through the hole and watched the guy leave the booth. I was so fucking shot! Ever since, I’ve been glory hole hooked. The best way to suck a dick. Jon J. Houston, Texas.

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